Cadenhead Trophy

Roger Stollery

John Cadenhead

Charles Smith

Richard Alford

Mike Payne
Pip Squeak

Gary Sanderson

Interesting that the top results are being acheived with what now are quite old designs.
My Micron design is actually pre the class rule,as is PipSqueek and Richards Footlose.
many newer designs are lanquishing consistently behind these boats…showing that much of our "thoughts ",“developments” and experiments these past few years have pretty much proved nothing.
These original boats well setup and sailed consistently are performing better than anything it seems.
Rogers boat also falls into this catagory,a boat designed as an introduction to the class.

So Brett, what you are saying is that the measurement box and the current rules were a mistake? That we have been moving backward, away from improvements in the class. It does seem that the old pre-rule heavy weights rule the race results in the UK. I guess that Bill Hagerup’s second place in last years Euro GP with a 450 gram boat was just an anomaly? Who can say for sure. My feeling is that a well worked out rigging system and experience with it probably is the determining factor in these race results, so I am not going to draw any conclusions as yet. But I will be thinking about the ramifications this winter.

Hi Niel,
There are 5 boats ahead of the Euro GP winner in this latest race…so you can draw your own conclusions.(Roger and the southwater sailors did not enter Euro GP,Results of this race and 2 national championships show these guys to be the best UK footy sailors)
BTW the design weight of my pre rule boats is 500g,so not much heavier.

Niel said,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So Brett, what you are saying is that the measurement box and the current rules were a mistake?

I didn’t say that at all.If I thought that I would say that( these original boats fit in the box also!!)…please don’t put words in my mouth.

Hi Brett, perhaps the mistake comment didn’t come across in the ribbing vein as was intended. My point was, and I think that you seconded it, that a well prepared boat with more than competent hands at the controls will make a not-so-current boat dominate. The southwater sailors are evidently a pretty competitive crew. Having tough competition advances the group’s performance and their Footy tuning savvy, a real advantage when it comes to broader regional and national competitions. These factors skew the perception of how good their hulls are, the hulls may be merely adequate but the skipper’s abilities and familiarity with their boat more than compensates. For me, not having the same advantages of safety in numbers, pursuing performance improvements on a design by design basis will have to do for now. Although I admire Roger and his multi-class innovations and graceful designs I don’t think that I will be building an Ant anytime soon.

Sail / Hull set-up counts for much of a Footy’s performance. It is pretty much accepted amoungst the Footy regulars here in the U.K. that Roger Stollery could probably sail a plank of wood from my offcuts bin and still win races. This comes from experience and attention to detail.

I certainly don’t think that there being five old designs in front of Gary’s Voortrekker proves much about the boats themselves at all. For a start, I shudder to think what the combined sailing experience is of the top 4 skippers at Southwater - I don’t know Mike Payne - but I do know that the combined sailing experience, big boats or models, of the winner and third place skippers at Birkenhead is probably no more than 5 years.

The Birkenhead boats couldn’t have been more different either - one being glass moulded and the other balsa planked - both own designs. The 6th place boat at Southwater bares no resemblence to that sailed at Birkenhead and is still being developed, and the 3rd place boat at Birkenhead was equal to a Micron at the Bourneville MYA Presidents day earlier this year.

These newer designs are pure experiments put together without the years of experience enjoyed by Roger and John, and much of the pleasure is in the design and building. I find it mildly annoying when it is implied that these newer boats are no good.



Roger could most probably do the same from my empty bottles!

Firstfooty please do not be tooo harsh on your self (or me for that matter) we are both very new to this so lets be fair ~ you at only just over a year into modeling to win this prestigeous award on only your 2nd build is fantastic and you are to be doubly commended.

I’m just trying to do it with as much recycled materials and for as litttle cost as possible ~ its the taking part and development that enthuses me

Don’t quite understand the logic here. Charles Smith’s Ant was 3rd at Southwater but (I think) 6th at Birkenhead. Any yes, I think Voortrekker is probably a dog - keep watching this space.

Its all gone very quiet on the forum so while we are waiting for the ballot results to be released, i have been asked if i would put Tony Lambert’s report on for other folk to read


The day started wet & cold with north easterly light airs, but this did not deter 16 Footy skippers from travelling from all over the district to take part in this event.
Well done to all starters! Unfortunately Les Baker’s boat suffered a technical breakdown, so was placed in dry dock. However Les kindly offered his services
as an official, which was gratefully accepted. Then Bill Letten who had worked tirelessly to get his boat up and sailing, found he had no rudder operation due to a radio fault, so sadly could not carry on: bad luck Bill. David Wilkinson with his new design also had technical problems with the rain so had to retire, followed by Richard Kirkham ,whose problem was unknown. Peter Grayson bowed out after the 4th race, although his American ‘Carbon Footprint’ design was going well and won the practice race. The remaining 11 skippers managed to carry on and complete 16 races with some very close finishes.
PRO Tony Lambert set a simple windward leeward course which took some time as there was very little wind at the windward mark. There was also the added interest of the local Swans that were having a territory dispute and some flying lessons for the young ones. During one countdown a chasing pair came through the starting line at much higher speed than the Footys!
Congratulations to Roger Stollery on coming 1st with his Swing Rigged ANT, John Cadenhead 2nd with conventionally rigged MICRON and Charles Smith 3rd with another ANT. Southwater Dabblers presented the winner with a beautiful carved wooden ‘foot’ to be known as the ‘John Cadenhead Trophy’ The prizewinners thanked Tony and everybody who took part and also all those who helped set up and then put away the buoys and other equipment.
Southwater Dabblers look forward to seeing you all again. Visit for more information.