nice is´nt ?

Very nice, but…
2000$ for 118cm model (1660$ for kit) with shipping, handling and Rx /Tx not included is also a nice figure !

Very nice to see a ‘new’ design incorporating traditional rigs. It’s not the prettiest but certainly a worthwhile addition to the Stockmaritime model line up. However at 1660 euros, about $2000 does seem rather steep.


the price of 1298 Euros is for a completely build model, painted all white and with sail and ruderservo, not a kit. There is just no TX and RX.

1600 Euros is with painting in 4 colours.

shipping is about 20-30 Euros for Europe.

Boats are in CFK build in Germany , not imported plastic from china

yeah CF is nice, but for a boat like this. wouldn’t glass or wood have more a traditional feel…

look real nice on the water… but below the waterline has a shape only a mother could love…

in pic #3 how much wind is there for the main boom to be dragging int he water? water looks fairly calm…

CF what for if then is painted ?

Because you can build much more lighter and put more weight in the keel

The boat on the pics is just the prototype, glass on foam, in CF it will be possible to put at least 500 gr more in the keel

How you know that ?

because we tried before, on other models

are you representing Stockmaritime and using this forum to make implicitly publicity for a Company ?

I’ve looked at the web site & other than the 118cm dimension, I couldn’t find any additional info regarding displacement etc. Looking at the underwater profile I can only assume that she’s relatively light displacement for a ‘traditional’ design. Bearing this in mind I can’t see how a carbon hull will give a 500g saving which could then go into the ballast.

I like Marc’s comment on the underwater shape, although it’s worth bearing in mind about the hull form below the waterline, namely that the shape first appeared in the 1890’s. I’ll edit this post later when I’ve found the book with the 1890’s yacht name & designer.



Ok, so I’ve now found the book: The Great Days of Yachting by Ian Dear. P42 shows a b&w photo of a yacht called ‘Niagara’, owned by an American called Howard Goulden. She was a 20-rater designed by Herreshoff and was first brought over to the UK in 1895 to compete & the picture shows her hauled out of the water at Cowes (Isle of Wight). Moreover, the picture shows her to have relatively flat underwater sections (almost skimming-dish proportions) with what we now typically annotate as ‘fin & bulb’.

Unfortunately I ‘mis-remembered’, ‘Niagara’ subsequently renamed ‘Japonica’ when under UK ownership actually had a separate rudder. However, I still think it goes to show that most ‘new designs’ have actually been done before, and in this instance over 117 years ago!!

@ twister

i wrote

The boat on the pics is just the prototype, glass on foam, in CF it will be possible to put at least 500 gr more in the keel

500 gr is compared to the prototype which ist relatively heavy

i only present a new model in development and would like to have qualified comments what an expert like you think about it

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Dick Lemke

like here ? http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/blog.php



is there a way for the general users of the forum to donate?

Just to concur with Marc, while I wouldn’t agree with a subscription only service, the idea of being able to make a donation holds water. There are probably many on this site who scrimp & save to produce their models, but most would agree that the information and advice available here saves considerable time and money.


Marc & Twister (and others)…

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looks overpowered…pretty, but that’s a lot of sail cloth…