C&C 41 - well sort of ......


For Free - or to the highest bidder - sort of…and looking for a good home!</center>

This boat was originally built from actual C&C 41 lines (top and side) and was going to be for a standoff scale class. It is IOR shape and <u>NOT</u> designed to be a good r/c racer. Actual size is one meter, and it is glass/epoxy construction - 2 layers of 4 oz. glass. It has a thin birch deck stained light walnut. The coach house is glass.

I have about 10 photos of the boat I can email to anyone interested in this boat - it is approximately 45%-65% finished. No sails, no electronics, and I will include a wooden painted mast with diamond wires. There is a wood (ash) keel with lead bulb - both need final sanding, fairing and finishing and there is a rudder which is foam core with glass - but kind of thick section.

Also included is a “fake” spinnaker pole, bow and stern pulpits, and a few pieces of material for stancions and handrails. Wood handrails for top of coach house. Mast is intended to be stepped on top of cabin. Cockpit area is open and needs plywood or glass fabrication to close off and make water tight.

As noted, I was going to finish this - but has laid around house long enough and wife says “to the dumpster!” I have since won a slight reprieve, and am willing to ship to anyone who wants it for (at least) cost of shipping - which I currently don’t have (depends if you want the mast at about 65 inches.) I’m in Minnesota, and shipping costs will vary depending if you want hull only, hull and keel, or hull, keel and mast. The minimum cost will be shipping and handling - and I am guessing it might be $10 - $20 … however if someone was to make a purchase offer in addition to shipping costs, I would consider it favorably. PM me here with your interest - include your email address if you want other photos and I will try to get them off to you as soon as possible. Hate to make this a “land fill” item if someone out there wants to finish build, add sails and electronics and try a sail. Or - just add sails and forget electronics for a static display. There are additional comments and details which I will be happy to discuss/provide to anyone serious about finishing her. Also a few minor blems from laying around for so long - but all aare minor.

Because the cost is so reasonable, my only other terms/conditions (which I can’t enforce) is to receive photos of her when done and sailing.

Anyone feel like finishing her off and giving her a good (wet) home? All offers considered, but I get to make final decision which will not be based strictly on offered price. Momma says I have to end of January to ship… first response has first option. Any questions - please feel free to ask.

hi dick.
give me a ring. i would not mind getting a chance at it. i love the c and c boats
not much in the skills dept. but you would get alot of pictures. and we could chat along the way
p.s. and yo know what type of home it would have?
among the many boats i already have. i am building a cabinte for mine. just to show off
long live the cup and cris dickson

hey dick i will take it how much to ship to so cal?

Folks - I am happy to announce she may have found a new owner [:D] - pending of course, mutual agreement regarding shipping costs.

If the mural agreement isn’t reached, then I will be in email contact with the others who expressed interest, in the order the responses arrived.

Many thanks to those of you who gave consideration to hopefully fulfill her destiny to sail. [:-captain]


For once I disagree with Cougar. The designs by C&C are anonymus. It’s just a boat. One looks for any distinctive characteristics in vane. The boats are usually well built. The mast and keel are in place. The rudder is in psition and so on. Anyway, good luck Lemke.

Booster -

granted about any outstanding design characteristics … sort of like the current crop of IOM boats being marketed today… all look pretty much the same!

On the positive side, Cougar will wind up with a boat, when finished, unlike any other boat on the pond! Closest look alike is the Fairwind - but the C&C is significantly bigger, and was originally designed to be standoff scale (ie: Looks like a real boat from a distance). Keep in mind, the hull was laid up and deck added LONG before the current crop of IACC look-alikes. The lines of this C&C are more in tune with IOR and off-shore cruising design. She wasn’t made to be a competitor - just a fun, daysailing boat. That said, when fitted out, it will be interesting to see how well the very wide beam amidships does in a breeze. I expect her to be a bit tender, but at the same time she should be an easily driven hull. Now whether Cougar decides to keep lifelines, stancions, and bow/stern pulpits is up to him. Mini, non-working winches on deck, a seat and a wheel are also options he can elect to add or not. In reality, if finished off and outfitted with miniature Harken gear (expensive) it would make a beautiful display boat (although one would replace the lead bulb keel in favor of a shaped wood or foam one for “looks”. One simple screw and the sailing keel and bulb could be attached for a day outing. Had I inserted the port side railings, put the mast in place and set her on water, the only giveaway might be the birch deck whose grain is out of scale. As she sets in the photo on the table, it isn’t hard to visualize the real boat in the water waiting for a Spring stepping of the mast.

Cheers !

Cougar - still looking for both box and mast. Have patience.