buzzing servo question

I recently purchased a Hitec HS-985 servo thinking it would make a great sail servo, lots of torque and you can get it with 180 degree Mod. for Soling

trouble is, with no load at all, it makes a disconcerting buzzing sound intermittently. I assume this will drain battery. I’m using an old Futaba Fm radio, without end point adjust. I read somewhere that you need end point adjsut to quiet buzzing. do I need to buy a radio with end point adjust? is the servo malfuctioning? should I shelve it and use something else?

any help greatly apreciated,

It isn’t endpoint adjustment, I’m guessing it’s deadband, which is set in the servo itself.

Just use the servo.

If the servo goes bad, it isn’t a big deal on sailboats. What’s the worst that will happen? You can’t sheet in or out, but you’ll eventually get to shore. It’s not a plane, where if a servo dies, the plane will most likely crash.

you may be able to fix it by cleaning the potentiometer in the servo. They can get dirty and cause a buzz.

thanks, I just didn’t know if the buzzing would drain the battery which shortens my voyage.

Ionce had one of those Hitec drum winches and it buzzed and drained the batery