Buyers Seal of Approval?

As seeing how many problems there seem to be with boat builders in the hobby I would like to throw out an idea of an Buyer Approval Seal. (or something along those lines)

The idea that a builder must have completed so many boats and successfully sold them. Or a builder must maintain a certain level of satisfied customers to maintain their seal. (maybe include standards/guidelines that must be followed)

The idea is to allow customers to find quality and trustworthy builders. This also should help draw business to the builders.

Good Idea?



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Great idea, Chad

A third-party or committee could be an impartial arbiter. Levels of approval based on objective standards and/or years of experience could be “earned”: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc

I would certainly welcome such a system.


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

I definitely agree to this idea!!!
I’m the first one,
who asks for a FAIR quality control system!!!

Needs to be clarified:

  1. Who develops such a controlsystem? -
    And makes sure no injustice can happen? -

  2. Who would have the control of this system? -
    And who controls the controllers? -

  3. Who defines the control parameters for such
    a system? -
    The suppliers themselves,
    a group of USERS -
    or a combination of both? -

  4. If a supplier fails once or twice -
    how can he ever be rehabilitated later? -
    (if he had learned his lessons in the
    meantime?) -

  5. How can you make sure,
    that personal feelings of hatred or
    antipathy from
    administrational personell do not
    corrupt that system sooner or later? -

Think about it!
Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls

i would agree chad. but like ernst i would like to see an area of where to judge.
is a kit easy to put together. does the instruction fit the kit. stuff like that
we dont need experts. we are experts. wis and I have seawinds, so do others. so we can comment on them
I also have a IOM just like greg v. and others we can comment on them
if a supplier fails to deliver. then he get a black mark, but when you think about it. the seawind will never have a black mark for shipping. most IOMs that i know . get them real quick
as to who we feel about each other, well that should be taken into consideration. and most poeple will see that.
how to set it up. i dont know. but just ask us
I know i lay up hull for friends. IOM hulls. and most of my hulls are not perfect. my friends know this. I am learning and they are taking the chance my hulls are not going to be perfect. but they will get there on time. it takes me 1 week to do a hull
why does it take 8 months?

long live the cup and cris dickson

Idealist… you bring up some good points that would be good to be addressed.

I would assume a fair way would involve a group of suppliers and a group of consumers (to make sure both groups are represented correctly.)

More areas this could help;
For example some people that I have seen order boats just order the boat and expect it to be delivered the next week. Not even thinking of asking how long this boat will take to build. Then they get all mad because the boat isnt there but the builder is trying to build it as fast as he/she can.
– Standards could be set so both parties know what to expect. (could even incorporate levels here (production output time) )

I would consider the AMYA a good organization that may be one to help (possible third party). Or maybe the idea should be not to include a third party who has any interest in rcsailing but has a good knowledge and willingness to get involved in judgement?

I do like the idea of possible levels. I wouldn’t expect the same type of service from Tower hobbies as I do a custom boat builder (mainly towards time to produce).

Hope to continue…

what we could also look at is how many are building a certian boat. i for one heard nothing but bad stuff about the seawind. ie. the boat was a dog. hard to put together. was not very fast . like that.
now I went out and bought one. I found these myths to be wrong. maybe others would agree/disagree.
i found the boat fast. it would spin on a dime and fast enough. what would wis think?
sort of like that. dont take my word. take our words

long live the cup and cris dickson

we are not talking about kits here!! sometimes you make me wonder!


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


You take your own fate in to your hands if you try to implement this idea here.
This forum is not big enough to take on any major player who may not like what they see written here.

If you want to know who the reputable manufacturers / builders are, ask other people who have dealt with them. Were they happy?, did they get what they were promised?
Do research, and buy when you are content.
It is your own fault if you buy from a questionable source.
If you think you got a raw deal, work it out with the supplier.
Do not air dirty laundry on public forums. It only makes you look like an uninformed customer.

Peter R.


<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by ClimateModels

If you want to know who the reputable manufacturers / builders are, ask other people who have dealt with them. Were they happy?, did they get what they were promised?
Do research, and buy when you are content.
It is your own fault if you buy from a questionable source.

Do not air dirty laundry on public forums. It only makes you look like an uninformed customer.

Peter R.

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Well I dont agree on this one…especially when your are the first one to buy from a “builder”, that said I 100% agree on the fact that customers should “report” about X suplier or builder…and calling me uninformed is a bit rude…

I bought from :
-Climate: nice email support and info, shipped as told…nice!!
-GBMY, same…shipping even faster
-Tower, perfect


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Instead of reinventing the wheel - simply use and you can probably add any seller you want - if they don’t already exist.

I just checked, and as an example, Tower Hobbies is there and carries a rating of 10 out of 10 ! (reference: This site asks the needed questions, and buyers are free to post their own experiences. Also - using the site to research would help if we all post our experiences - both good and bad. Eventually, as posts are made, averages work out and you can decide if you want to give the supplier a chance.

I used for my recent video camera - and I steered away of a few suppliers but chose one that I felt comfortable with. No - they weren’t rated a “10” - but reading comments, felt I could “tolerate” the issues brought up by others. Interesting in that I found no problems with the supplier and will use them again.

Add the URL of the home page to your favorites, and use it to help fellow buyers know the good and the bad. Unfortunately, as Wis pointed out, being first does have it’s problems. Eventually, it is the buyer’s decision on whether to proceed with a seller or not. Maybe if we all start using it for all of our hobby related purchases, it will be one more tool for buyers to use.

Just a suggestion, as I found it to be very helpful.

Dick Lemke
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Thanks for the links…


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No problem - not sure how they would view a post regarding a single person trying to be a “business”, but - at least you know it’s out there and available.

Dick Lemke
F-48 #US-06
MultiONE #US-06
Class 3 Landyacht #US-196