Butterflys, Soil Errosion and Seed Transport

The other day I attempted to do some calculations about stability. It rapidly became obvious that these, using marine coefficients to define wind sheer, were pretty much totally meaningless. This at least confoirms the general belief in the class.

However, I refuse to believe that what happens to air speeds in the first metre-odd off the deck is outsde the bounds of human knowledge. It should be of great interest to people interested in soil erosion and depsition, seed and pollen transport and do so on, which are multibillion euro industries. John Amoroso also told me the other day that one of his professors was an expert on butterflies that migrate in the boundary layer - so perhaps the entomologists are anotherr source of information.

Anyone have any links into this?

and here’s a link to one of the studies.

and to more “Information on Florida’s butterfly migrants”

This one is getting close but still uses anamometers at heights greater than most Footy (or any model class) masts.

I have not found much else. It seems many of the online references are only avaiable if you pay. I’ll keep looking.