Bulb Angle


I’m very close to bonding my IACC120 bulb to the finn. Is it correct that the bulb should be installed in some upward angle of XX degrees. Would some one be so kind to explain me the reason? Is it to generate lift or to compensate for the forward push in the sail, which also push the bow down? Or maybe both?

And finally, how many degrees tilt should it be installed in?


Hi Anders, explaination about bulb angle is here http://www.onemetre.net/Design/Bulbcant/BulbCant.htm

I use 2 degree’s tilt on all my 120’s

Cheers Alan

Hi Alan

Thanks, will go in that direction.

Hope to have a good productive week, and hopefully… maybe… eventually… go sailing this weekend.

I have given the cup a little thought, but want to finish first before planning anything.


Yo go bro !!! looking forward to seeing it on the water.

Let me know if you interested in going to Ravenna, I have plenty of space …!

On Friday I was priveliged to be in a certain workshop here in Valencia, looking at the plans and the moulds for a certain fast IOM and the build cant was 2.5 degrees.

So anywhere between 2-2.5 will work just fine!

:cool: Which colour did you order !? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not this time mate… I have a family to feed first, and…
Why would I buy an expensive, slower boat anyway!? :rolleyes:

A question often asked by myself… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think your proclivity towards carrying a spare hull is well known…