Building a F100 downunder

Its time I came out, after seeing my name in one of Doug,s postings. He has been a great help with information.
So I have attached a summary of the things I have been doing. At this stage the hull is waiting for the 2 bulkhead and servo platform to be mounted (not this weekend I will be sailing in the Auckland IOM champs)
Deck to be laimated, retrieval tube mould almost finished, rudder servo pedetals to be fitted.

I have tried to upload 2 pdf files of rig & hull drawings, need help???

Download Attachment: [ F100 SPEC.doc]( SPEC.doc)

John, you have some really innovative ideas; I’m looking forward to the reports of the first few sails!
Hope you whup up on those IOM guys now --and with the new boat! Good Luck!

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

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This forum is set up so you cannot download PDF formatted files (bummer) since that is about the only practical way to post a large file in a relatively small file size, yet still retain the ability to open and zoom in if wanted. I too ran into that problem. Also need to watch file size as well. I don’t think you can even post a PDF in the “Photos section” of the forum. Any chance you can convert PDF to JPG - then shrink size of image?

Chad - any chance the forum can be modified to accept PDF files?
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Incorrect… <font color=“red”><font size=“3”>The forum DOES allow PDF,Textfiles, Word Doc, Arj, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Bmp.</font id=“size3”></font id=“red”>

But has an upload cap of around 120 KB… If this needs to be adjusted please PM me.

It worked Chad, I have uploaded 4 pdf files
Hull plan. Hull sections, Hull side and sailplan.
They are siting in my list folder.
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