build log of a ac100 in france

Hi all

in this topic i’m going to share with you the build progress of my AC100.
It’s the first time I build a RC sailboat, but i’m use to deal with epoxy and fiberglass, due to the fact that I have severeal scale 1 Sailboat, and they always need small repair job.

First step : print the pdf file I downloaded from (thx claudio):

Just great !!

next step :

stick the paper print on 5mm plywood and cut along the paper with a saw :

Hi Nitro,

Looking good ! …just couple of small tips when cutting & mounting frames:

  1. Cut base frame with - 1 mm over hang, otherwise later you will your sanding block wil catch base frames (I learnt from experience)

  2. Cut slot in last stern frame to allow clips to hold planks when gluing.

Only suggestions to help take little frustration out of making a plug.

Cheers Alan

thanks for your advice, they’re welcome, as it is the first time I build a RC boat.
Unfortunately i’ve already mount the shadow on the mounting board, and start putting wood strip before i see your reply.

I’ll post pictures soon.

After cutting the shadows I mount them on the building board :

after mounting the shadow on the mainframe i begin with gluing the wood strip
First package of 20 samba strip is over, let’s go for the second one.

Hi all!

I don’t forget you.

Past WE I have finish with gluing the samba wood strip.

next step is filling and fairing, and filling and fairing, and re-filling and fairing again, and…:scared: