Build Log - first r/c sailboat - "Brandoed" Cobra

Hi all,

Starting a build log for my first ever sailboat. I decided to go with a footy for the size and price involved.
After looking around the internet, I decided to build one from scratch. It will be a mixture of Flavio’s exquisite Brando and Bill Hagerup’s Cobra.

Most of it is built from 1/16 balsa sheet using wood glue…I know, I know… I didn’t feel like waiting for epoxy…but I figured it is my first “practice build” If I get hooked, I will do it right the next time around.
The nice thing about working at a shipyard is that there is scrap balsa galore … so, except for the sheets, I can find everything else balsa related in the trash bin at work :slight_smile: … A little bandsaw here, a little sandpaper
there and I can create any thickness I desire. Granted, this is super high density structural balsa so it does require quite a bit more work than you run of the mill Hobby stuff …

Here are some early build pics (at this point … a standard cobra hull)

After I stumbled upon the Brando build thread …

Taking shape…and trying out the mast to make sure it is plum athwartship … and thankfully, it was …

Next step, the keel…I will probably make it out of lead shot and Sculpey


My compliments to Marc for his effort to invent a crossover between my Brando and bill’s Cobra.

We are looking forward to see next steps…


Thank you Flavio, your beautiful work was truly inspirational.

Some more updates. I tweaked the shape of the house a bit and decided to tackle the deck instead.

step 1 - lay some tape on deck

step 2 - trim said tape

step 3 - transfer tape to decking material of your choice.
Teak veneer anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

step 4 - test fit and tweak where necessary … almost there

step 5 - draw in caulk lines and install … still need to do that one …