Went sailing today to collect times for the “Postal classic” all went well,nothing spectacular as there was not much wind.
Later in the day however a new breeze came in at 180 degrees to the old one.I watched with anticipation as the course drifted off to the new downwind side…nice stable wind set in .
Off I went,stopwatch started …ripped around the course in 5.06…new record or so I thought…on pulling the course in I noticed it had a little twist in it around the leeward mark,the course had been set about 6inches to short.BUGGER,no record after all!!

That’s still pretty quik! You sure there aint no coreless motor in there? :stuck_out_tongue:

And he wins by half a boat length [:)]

Went out again today,
No record:( (dam had 30secs off it yesterday for the sake of 5 feet.)
But anyway 2 of us have sailed 17 races over the last 2 days…the times are nothing special in general but we have had some fun.
How are others getting on??.Looking fwd to a full inbox in a few days time.

Brett, our efforts here in the Northeast have come to naught. Rained out in the first attempt down in MA. Ice melted on our pond in NH this week, so had an informal sailing day yesterday. Conditions were too rough for first day of the season, though…boats need tuning before racing, and that’s tough in heavy, gusty wind. So no times as yet. Today it’s raining all day.

April works well for much of the US, but states along the northern border don’t really get started until mid-May.

Sounds like you got a great time on your 6" short course…was that with Comet?

All the best…Bill

Depending on responses this year I am considering moving the event to May or even later.
Many are racing in fleets now so internet racing probably doesn’t have the appeal it did even a year ago,we will see.

Yes It was “Comet” I was using that day.

Please continue the Internet racing into the coming years. Some of us are in small groups of varying interest but still need some measure of performance. The idea of moving the event to May has a lot to recommend it— our pond here only got its ice off in the second week of April, and the club asked that nobody attempt to drive over the entry road until there were only three days left, so we got in no practice at all, and no times whatsoever!!
I don’t know if it’s climate change, so have no idea about next year. We will try to get in some “late” times during the rest of the summer, as we have several boats that need to be tested.

The more I think about it the more brilliant the Internet Course becomes. It’s a neutral way of comparing boats and sailors across the world. Given the development nature of the class, the data (when collated) will become invalulable to designers and will help push performance and answer alot of nagging questions – for instance:

  • do the fastest boats have panelled sails
  • what is optimum displacement
  • what is optimum beam
  • what is optimum draught
  • etc etc etc

The Nordic IOM site ( http://www.iom-nordic.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=11&Itemid=46 ) has an extensive design database. Perhaps a similar dbase for Footies could be developed with the added functionality of Internet Course times included. Don’t know it this would increase overall interest, but it might be interesting to try.

The database needn’t be technically heavy (there are any number of open source options available that allow user/member access).

Regards, Trevor

I think the concept is great and it is much more fun than I thought it would be when I originally conceived the idea. As a life long yacht racing nut my racing appetite takes some satisfying and the Internet course does not disappoint.In the past week I talked with Roger Stollery about this and he agrees that the concept is a good one,Roger really enjoyed his first internet racing experience as well. I am heartened when such experienced guys have a good impression of the concept.
Where to from now??
I think the first think to do is to run some more events at different times of the year,
Roger had some comments on the number of laps and feels that 3 may be better than 5,I don’t have any strong feeling about this,anyone else??
Roger also has found an excellent way to build the course which seems to be an obvious improvement,I will post details in a new thread sometime.
A interactive web site with data base and ongoing regattas etc is what is needed,I believe Internet racing is what could set the Footy and other small classes that could come along in the future apart from there bigger cousins,But all you guys need to get behind it and make it work,it won’t happen by itself.
I don’t own this concept…anyone can run a race/event…do whatever they want with the idea,hold a regional or some other championship this way just for fun,anything at all.
I have found the course to be an excellent way of tuning and comparing boats,I am sure others will too.
Get into it guys,Its FUN

Hi Brett.

I’ve been sailing me wee bugger at my local marina, and it has been drawing attention. Hopefully I can influence enough aroung here to get more involved.

I recently (yesterday), found a storm collection reservior, and it is perfect for a course set-up. In time, I’m going to put the markers out, and since no-one goes there (it’s in an industrial area), I think I can leave the markers there.

I have a couple of buddies that may get into Footies as well, and to get them on a course would be great.

I like the website idea, with more races per season as well.


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