Are BUG2 plans aviable anywere?

Sorry, I meant somewhere…

Apparently not. I have emailed Roger Stollery and the MYA at least 6 different times, and have not even had a response.

I’m interested in the swing rig that is reputed to be in the design. I’m told that it comes from a Bottle Boat kit, but I can’t find any details anywhere.


Cnickelfr, I assume you have seen the page on the MYA website that has the Bug 2 plan with various photo`s on it?
Also the CHOPPA page. http://www.mya-uk.org.uk/technical/documents/footy%20update%20Nov05.pd

The drawings may be a little hard to see but if you can play around with the viewing size then you may get the hang of it.:wink:

I was able to redraw the plans for Bug2 to add to my collection of plans from the small scale PDFs on the net.
I don’t have them in electronic format yet though and would also consider it bad taste to distribute them.
But if your heart is set on it, a boat like Bug 2 could be built from the info if you have the skills to redraw the lines from what has been published.
I would also contend that Rogers earlier design “Choppa” may well be a better boat with new appendages.“Bug2” appears to be designed with simple building more in mind than outright performance,Though I am sure it is a very good design non the less.