Broken Thumb; Rampaging Red Witch (split)


A broken thumb???

And with Red Witch arriving, how are you going to use the radio control stick???

happend last week (Monday), last weekend it somehow rained (lucky me)…one week to go!

Redwitch hit the water already, was a blast!!

Gee Wis,
The new boat looks real good!!!

Looks lonely to me… better buy another one for the wife so you can tune up against a faster sailor !

hmm jealous?

As for the wife, she has her own “duck”…but thats another story I wont tell HERE!!!


I don’t realize that Red Witch was is size!!!

Is that your avaitor on the main!!!

yes its my avatar! Didnt know till now there was a PotC boat!

Nice one! Will have to work on “my” paintjob I guess!!:devil::devil:

As for my avatar, PotC, I am A big fan!:witch::witch: