Does anyone have the AMYA Magazine that contained the article about Broadsword? I have seen a lot of internet articles about it, but no pictures. It is making me very curious. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Hi, Andrew. I have more Broadsword photos someplace, but I’ve spent an hour looking and this is the best I can come up with right now. The boat is being held by its builder, Hal Robinson of Arlington, MA. It was designed by Hal Potts of Toronto, Ont., and it’s currently owned by Alain Jousse of Portsmouth, NH.

Jim Linville

Google Search:

broadsword model yacht

to find stuff like below:

04-06-2006, 12:17 PM

Broadsword was described in the most recent issue of Model Yachting (the AMYA publication) There may be information in the US1M section of the AMYA site. Try If you dig around that site you may be able to find the contact info for Jim Linville. He is the guru of that class.

It also mentioned an iAMYA ssue #

EDIT ----
There is an article on Broadsword in MY # 142, p. 29, by Jum Linville.

beam 14 3/4 inches
l.o.a. 1 meter

Looks interesting and fun!

A quick google search didn’t turn up much; perhaps someone would be good enough to post some links. Any idea what edition of ‘Model Yachting’ the article was in. Are there any drawings available?



There is info in #142 on the broadsword designed by Hal Pots( not much , some pictures and specs, no lines). # 141 has lines for a very wide us1m 13.4" beam and shallow draught (.9") also by Hal pots, but it is 1.25 narrower than the broad sword. I read in a latter issue that the boat( Broadsword) did not sail well.

I wonder why the magazines cover designs like this, when the international tendency is to narrow hulls. In IOm world the famous TS-2 has gave the way to new designs with a style of the older IOMs, quite narrow. Just check the new desgins of Mr. Graham Bantock, for example…

Anyway, a wide beam boat always look nice!!! ald seems bigger when floating on th pound!!

Please more photos, plans and aditional info.

Tato Lazo.