First post on this forum?. so, hi all. I have read a lot of the threads and there is some very interesting conversations and outstanding info being shared here so keep up the good work.

A few Model Yachting quarterlies ago there was a few words and some pictures about a gentleman (not remembering name) and his skiff like USOM he designed and built (not complete in pictures) called a BROADSWORD. I am very interested in this project and was wondering if anyone had an update on it. It is a boat that I have wanted to build for quite some time so I was wondering if there were some Pictures and reports on performance, how does it sail, does it go like a skiff down wind, etc. Great looking hull in the picture by the way!

Regards, Will

There is an article on Broadsword in MY # 142, p. 29, by Jum Linville.

beam 14 3/4 inches
l.o.a. 1 meter