British Model Multihull Association

For you UK sailors with multihulls, may I suggest you get in contact with the following fellow who has been the head of the BMMA off and on for many years. A former big boat (Tornado) sailor and one versed in aeronautics, he will handle correspondence with those interested in finding out more about the multihulls being sailied in Britain.

From what I gather, the movement there is toward the larger 2 Meter boats, but quite a few of the Mini40’s are still around - and perhaps available for purchase? Too expensive to ship over the pond. Mike and some of his close friends do travel to France for some of the major regattas, and this Mike also represents the designer of “PULSE” <font size=“1”>(Mike Friend)</font id=“size1”> for international sales of the plans - except here in the US and Canada for which I am responsible to sell and collect royalties.

Anyway - to find out more about the BMMA (which is separate organization from the monohull crowd, unlike here in US) contact Michael directly via email. A very knowledgeable fellow with a wealth of information.

You folks from the UK may want to invigorate the BMMA with ideas, new boats and memberships.

<u>For More Information Contact:</u>
BMMA - Chairman, Technical Committee
Michael Howell
Mike Howell
Include “Model Multihulls” in email subject to identify legitimate email.

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