Brighton Boatworks problems

Has anyone had problems ordering from Brighton Boatworks? I ordered some gear and after 7 weeks it hasnt shown up. Ive emailed them numerous times with no response and also called twice. When I called the guy on the other end tried to assure meeverything was ok but didnt take the time to look up my details.

Extremely unhappy. I paid for 2 day international delivery, if this goes on much longer ie I dont recieve my order I will have to contact my credit card company.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



I would have called my CC company about 4 weeks ago…that’s unconscionable… Unless you are getting custom work done. That being said I have been waiting for a while for dave creed to finish an IOM keel for me…but no money has changed hands.

I have great luck getting stuff from SailsEct in England, even getting stuff shipped from England to usa if I order on friday, I’ll have the gear in my hand by the following friday…Their customer service is second to none and so far I have not ever had any issues with stuff being out of stock…


You have put the fear in me. I have ordered lead ballasts a couple of times from Don Ginthner ( He was quick to ship my orders and I was happy dealing with him. Don has now informed me that he no longer will be providing ballasts and the mold he had has gone to Tom at Brighton Boat Works. I was about to place my first order with them for a couple of ballasts when I ran across your post. Makes me reluctant to deal with them!

I recently went through an awful experience ordering some resin and carbon fiber material from They were not a company that I would recommend to anyone after my dealings with them. After numerous emails about why I had not received anything from them they said they would cancel the order and refund my CC payment. After not hearing anything from them for a few days I contacted my CC provider and requested resolution through their process. was informed by the CC company that they had ten days to respond to my complaint. They were as non-professional with the CC company as they had been with me and did not even answer them in any manner. The CC company ruled in my favor and returned my money.

I will go along with Marc about dealing with SailsEct in England, very professional and responsive. However, shipping heavy lead ballasts from England to the U.S. is expensive and that makes it almost cost prohibitive.

I look forward to hearing of your resolution with Brighton Boatworks. I would rather pay shipping on items such as ballasts from within the U.S. instead of England but not if the company here is not reputable.


Thanks for the responses guys, Ill call Mastercard this morning and report it in as a fraudulent sale. What really has me annoyed is I have gone to the trouble of calling California from Sydney twice, and essentially been fobbed off. On Wednesday I was told id recieve an email with details. Well I havnt recieved anything. On top of the phone calls, which really should never be necassary in this day and age especially internationally I have emailed numerous times with no response. In short id recommend to hold off on the ballast order for a few days and see if i recieve any good news.

Its really pissing me off, im short of time with a normal life as it is, I order parts ages in advance so I have them on hand when I need them in my model build so im not held up. Some prick yank tells me he is at dinner and cant talk when i go to the last resort of calling them. I checked the times, he wasnt at dinner it was 3.10 in the arvo.

Rant over, Barbera will pour herself a sherry to calm her nerves.


I have ordered parts from Brighton two times, the only problem I had was with some RMG sail switch’s that as it turned out were sent to him from RMG missing pieces.
So they were put on back order. I gave him a ring and sorted things out. He did answer his phone for me, explained the issue and made good on my original order.
My experience, much different from yours.


Thanks for the post, to have a balanced aspect. I have called him twice, both times he didnt ask any details, and i doubt he even recalled my name introduction calling him - I was assured they were onto it and I would recieve advice by email…then 2 days ago I called again, and was more or less fobbed off as he was at dinner, he did again assure me thathe would email me detaislthat wasnt recieved either.

Regarding him being a’at dinner’ it was 3.10pm local time what rubbish. Of all things I hate being f*cked around by companies who think they dont have to give a crap and customers will return, like this company one of a small handful of suppliers of parts we all need, finding itself ina market dominant position in the absence of competitors. The total lack of care i recieved was indicative of that. Ive seen it in consulting fairy land more then once.

This sort of behaviour is typical in a business under financial stress (im not indicating thats is the case at all) or something is seriously wrong internally not to have implemented basic customer query proceedures.

God this is straining babs, time for another small sherry.

Take a deep breath, let out slowly and count to ten… Then realize that “MOST” sailing retailers are mom/pop organizations. They don’t have, nor do they want to have “tons” of employees. Often “pop” is the interested one and “mom” is his secretary, treasurer, shipping coordinator, order taker, and accountant… and while this doesn’t excuse rude or poor behavior from a seller, the concept of providing boats and parts is still a part-time business for all but a very few. Considering the number of “big” (real) companies that have also gone by the wayside recently, size really doesn’t seem to matter, and many of the home-hobby-shops seem to try to fill a void - but maybe without the capital or knowledge to do so.

Hope you can work this out quickly, since this doesn’t help new sailors looking to join the sport.


Dick… that is a great analog… I never realy thought about it. but it is the exact same thing in my house… I build the boats and my wife controls everything else> I have talked with Tom… and i know this is not his MAIN bussiness but. he has a great passion for sailing. I have not made an order yet. but planning to before the end of the month… I need sail material, 2 mill mylar and i was going to place the order untill i read this thread… still . no other idea where to get it…

Hi Barbara,

I hope you get your parts real soon . I have had good communications from Thomas Brighton in the past and as recently as Jul 2nd he replied to my email.

I have a Mx7 Evo3 on order with him for the past 6 weeks which I expect to be delivered in the next week or so and your post is stirring my interest as up until now I have not had any reason to suspect any issues with his business.

Most of the specialized hobby shops in my area in Jacksonville FL USA have folded and my nearest one just two months ago also closed up for good…so it is hard for a full time Hobby Shop to make rental payments on property…pay taxes and make payroll . Our only hope is that the stores that remain serve their customers faithfully and with integrity and in the process grow their business.

I for one have have every faith in Thomas Brighton and Brighton Boat Works and hopefully he will see these posts and get in touch with his customers to allay their fears.

In god we trust…all others pay cash.

Thank you,


Thanks Martin ill keep that in mind, its reassuring to hear from someone who has experienced with these guys. As one of only a few suppliers of some of the specilised parts we need it makes it particularly frustating?


I also have had nothing but positive experiences in dealing with Brighton. they have always been very responsive and communicated well. I honestly believe that they will get to you and get your parts shipped out.


Any more info about Brighton Boatworks ?


Hi Terry,

He answered my e-mail 7/27 by iphone and said he was in NY and would get back to me by Monday 7/29. So far I have not heard again from Thomas. I sent him a reminder to send me an ETA of the order as it is 8 weeks tomorrow since I ordered a Goth Mx Evo3, so hopefully there are no further delays as it was supposed to come two weeks ago.

Are others waiting on deliveries from Thomas Brighton…?


Update from Brighton BoatWorks:

Well…Thomas Brighton sent me an e-mail yesterday night and confirmed that my order is delayed from the manufacturers of the Goth Mx Evo3…so I will just have to wait patiently and get my Sails and Rigs made in the meantime.


Update from an earlier post regarding fear of using Brighton BoatWorks:

Decided to try them out, regardless of a few negative posts. They responded quickly with an order E-mail confirmation and shortly thereafter with tracking data from UPS on the shipment.

I received the order today and everything was as ordered and as expected from an on-line retailer. My confidence is restored! Thank You Brighton BoatWorks.


nothing but positive experiences from brighton boat works.

Hi guy’s

It might seem like parts equipment etc is coming from the end of the earth, but Radio Sailing Shop in Tasmania Australia are the very best possible people to deal with. I think the current exchange rate would probably cover your freight costs to the US. They have everything including sail making supplies.

And only now I read about this… I ordered some part from Thomas Brighton in nov-2013, and I still have not received anything. $200 in parts plus $60 in s&h down the toilet.

My experience was the same as Barbara’s. No response to email at all. Only once he answered the phone, and made clear the items were already shipped. Never got a tracnking ID from him… meh.

Total waste of time and money.

I have had a 2 item order with them since August 22, 2020. Found the status on their order tool. “unfulfilled” Called and asked about why the delay, several times. Left multiple emails in customer support. But NO RESPONSE at all. Today opened a case in PayPal to get my money back. It is like there is nobody at home but the website is still taking orders. Not going to even think of using them again until I know there is someone minding the store.