Brig-rigged Footy

Meet FootBeard the square-rigged Footy

I started her a while ago, and had got as far as a tough, but very flexible papie mache hull - moulded round a blue foam plug.

I have designed the sails and sail handling - much aided by a lot of thinking that I did on a scale Maltese Falcon.

Foam Plug wrapped in cling film

First layer of papie mache

Second layer and allow to dry/cure/harden

The adhesive is emulsion paint (water-based household paint)

Last night I added a layer of twill glass cloth in epoxy resin - now have a good, stiff hull so can re-commence the build

And this morning:

Now to sand and add the transom

Hull moulding trimmed, sanded within and without and painted a nice shade of blue (its a matchpot I had!)

Transom in 3mm balsa glued in place

Footbeard hull next to Sloice to show her chumbly lines:D

Rig is mentally designed - brig with t’gallants on pole masts, 2 jibs and a driver sail. Jibs and driver will be adjusted to obtain balance and overall centre of pressure.
All sails will be operated off one channel - quite possibly one servo. It may reduce the number of bits of string to have 2 servos - one for the square sails and one for the fore and aft sails.