Brian Eiland,

I was involved in the sailboat industry for quite a number of years beginning with off-the-beach catamaran rentals, then retail sales, then wholesale distribution to a dealer network in the mid and northern atlantic states. Much of this was done under the original Chesapeake Catamarans of Annapolis MD. We then became importers from Europe, including becoming the original importer of the Fountain/Pajot catamarans and the Dragonfly trimaran in the 1986-87 time frame.

I then turned on my old desires to be a designer and began production of our own 26 Firefly trimaran (a redesign of the Dragonfly). I subsequently became computer literate in 2000 and decided to post some much earlier design work I had published back in 1974-75. I posted this under a new design name

I am now retired to St Augustine Fl area, but still very interesting in proving a LOT of naysayers wrong about a single-masted ketch rig I envisioned many years ago. There is a lengthy subject thread about this here

Hi Brian - looks like I managed to get the right combination to get you back. Welcome.