BREITHORN Racing Footy®

Dear all RC sailors,

Starting a thread for the new BREITHORN Racing Footy®. This yacht was recently design by me and the intention was to design a pure racing Footy. The first prototype was just finished to be able to participate in the Euro Footy Grand Prix 2011 in Konstanz, GER. However, the boat performed as expected and managed to win the European title along with the Footy Design Award 2011. >>More info and pictures from the Euro Footy Grand Prix 2011.

My intention is to publish the drawings free for anyone to download. The drawings will be lines of the hull along with key measurements rather than building instructions. The boat is designed to be moulded as the hull shape is rather complex even thou the skillful builder will be able to plank a hull. However, plans will be free for anyone wanting to build this Footy for personal use.

The FOOTY UNARIG used on the BREITHORN Racing Footy, also designed by me, will equally be available for free download on my site:

I will also provide a kit of the BREITHORN containing assembled hull with fin and rudder. The hull will be moulded in Kevlar®/Carbon/Epoxy with a thin coat of white polyurethane primer.

I am now focusing on finishing the plans for the yacht and the rigs. The plans will hopefully be available during the end of the summer, due to vacation/travel plans in the near future. The master plug is finished and moulds will be produced during September.

The idea with this thread is to keep a discussion open for builders of the BREITHORN wanting to share thoughts, ideas and hints. I am not used to an active role on the forum so please give me some feedback if I am on the wrong “tack” :wink:

So, stay tuned !

Will you be selling kits as well or is this full DIY? looks great!

Yes, there will be a kit available in end of September, assembled hull/deck, separate fin, rudder and transom as well as some other bits and pieces. So far there wont be any bulb or rig in the kit.

Hi Marcus
Can you let us know the weight of your lead on the prototype, please?
In the light of all your testing, is this still the weight you would recommend for the Breithorn?
Looking forward to the arrival of the production boats.

During the long pauses between starts, I have lucky enough to discuss with Marcus many details of his new footy.

I have been impressed by his professional approach, both to design as well to building , of this new entry to the footydom.

I like also his idea to fine tune the project before releasing it on the market.

Without doubt this model, i the next future, will fullfill market request for a commercial available racing footy.

It is interesting to note that my new boat - Folletto - ( Gremlin ) even if seems to be at least one century older than Breithorn has, more or less, same specifications of Markus’s design ( displacement, beam, sail area, wetted surface ).

Only difference : my carbon fiber is of vegetal type ( balsa :wink: )

More news about my new wooden footy on next posts