Brazilian boats and skipper in RG 65 World Championships

Some people asked me about Brazilian boats and skipper that are sailing the first RG World Championships. We are approximately two hundred million people in Brazil and I think that no more than three hundred do RC sailing, because this we are sometimes distant some thousands kilometers and for us is difficult to know the peoples involved in RC sailing.
Normally we know somethings about the principals RC sailors like Pedro Stier actual first place in World Championships and several times RG 65 South American Champion and Daniel Muller actual (2010) Brazilian Champion and actual third place in Buenos Aires.
So I put in the blog some informations about this two guys and yours boats.
If you want more informations you can contact me in the blog in english, français, german languages and logically in portuguese, but i can only reply in english or portuguese or here in this forum.


Thanks Frederico

Yesterday I emailed and received permission to use any/all of the posted photos from the event from the Argentina Yacht Club. I have been busy, but hope to post a few of the photos to help promote the class here in the US. Lately not much publicity to get new owners thinking about the class. Sorry I could not attend. Looks like a good time and some “fast” boats. Thanks for your post, and please keep posting here to let all of know what is happening in Brazil.

Warmest Regards,

Dick Lemke RG-65 USA # 005