Branston Footy Race - Thank you all!

Thank you the host club, especially Peter and John, for a great day’s racing`at Branston last saturday.

The prayers to the weather gods were, is anything a little too effective, as we had almost flat calm by the early afternoon.

The racing was good and close, the spirit was excellent and many different boats were effective in the conditions.

In summary we had a LOT of fun. One pictures shows two of the distinguished skippers enjoying life. They had taken no recreational substance!

Some pictures attached - cut down to suit the board. All my pictures can be found at

Thank you all

Odd occurrences in Footy racing no. 532

One of the start line buoys was inexplicably affected by some aquatic creature during the lunch break

It was of course repaired with sticky tape (and according to some observers, chewing gum and baling wire)


looks more like something out of ‘StarTrek’, a Federation spaceship after an alien attack. don’t worry, Scotty can probably fix it!