Bow Protector

I’d like to know how to make a bow protector, what to use, or where to buy one if they’re available ready-made. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks, HM

What you do would depend upon the type of boat. For a boat with a pointy bow, like a Soling 1M or 10R, you need a round shape that can fit over the bow and be held in position.

For a vertical bow, such as IOM or RM, there are several options. Some have had sucess carving a bumper to the shape of the bow from a rubber shoe (Crocs) and attach it to the boat with silicone caulk.

I have had sucess by carving a shape from balsa, then making a plaster mold and press in the balsa shape (coated with vasaline). Once dry, remove the balsa and coat the plaster with vasaline. Then fill with silicone caulk, smooth off the top and leave for three to four days to cure. Remove from mold and attach to boat with silicone caulk.

Here is a photo on a protector for the EC-12 which can be purchased for $6.00.

I tried one on my US-12 and the fit wasn’t that good. I believe there is one that will fit the Soling 1M and US-12 better, but could not find it.

Another option for plumb stemmed boats is to rough cut a shape from a flip-flop beach sandal (my personal favorite is a Homer Simpson one i got at WalMart :-)) and glue it on with 3M 5200. After it sets up you can carve it to shape with a sanding drum in a Dremel.



Thanks guys. I’m building a Venom 1M with a molded fiberglass hull. I don’t recall seeing any mention of a bumper in the US1M construction guide. The bow is nearly vertical, so something used on an IOM would probably work? I presume they are required in all competitive events. HM

There is a difference in the rules between the IOM and the US1M so be careful. The US1M has no legal requiremetn for a bumper; while the IOM does.

In a IOM, the rule requires that (at least) the front 10mm be elastomeric material. So an IOM hull is built short by the size of the bumper, and the bumper brings it up to length.

If you stick a bumper on the front of your US1M, you will be longer than 1 metre and outside of the rule. If you want to do an IOM style bumper, then you could cut off the front 10 to 15 mm and put in a new flat bow section. Then glue the bumper onto that.

Thanks John. If there is no requirement then I won’t waste my time attempting to comply with something does not exist. Merry Christmas! HM