Bow form for Mistral

I am building my first hull for a mistral US1M and am using the AMYA Construction guide for referance. I am stuck on a bit of an issue though. The construction guide says to stop planking at the rear and front formers, the MISTRAL plan includes a bow form but never show where it should go on hte jig board.
Can anyone tell me how to join the bow of this hull together correctly?


Lay out the shadow forum lines on the construction board. At the first forum #1 this is were the bow forum is attached

I ran the planks past the last form(10) to ensure that I would get the correct legth once the hull was finished. Easier to cut rear then to adjust bow .


NEXT question. I am working from the AMYA construction guide here and have completed planking my hull. Now it says to add the keel & rudder etc…

But that leaves me scratching my head. I need to fiberglass the hull right? So shouldn’t I do that next before removing the shadows? For that matter at what point is it safe to remove the hull from the shadows jig?


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