Bow design

So, full scale cargo ships have a bulbous, circular part just under the waterline. I believe that the outcropping tricks the hull into thinking it has a longer waterline. It seems that our boats are predominately limited by theoretical hull speed, which is a product of primarily the waterline length. So, if we include this section on a model boat, would it increase speed?

Hi Kurt,
my answer is No !
The front bulb on large tankers or cruising vessels is effectively making a longer LWL and is saving fuel for the same speed. This is valid because these big boats are sailing at constant speed and the bulb is tailored for.
The sailing boat as ours, are sailing at variable speeds and outside the “ideal one” , the add-on bulb become an added drag to slow down the speed. To note that the wet surface is also increased.

In the past one boat manufacturer from north Europe made a sail boat with that appendage. Apparently was not a good choice and since no more sailing boats make use of that appendage. Was anyhow a good trial. No research - No progress !!!