Bow bumpers (construction of)


Just wondering if anyone can explain how to make bow bumpers? Also how they attach to the bow?

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Jeff - do a search for an Aussie site called " Mad About Multihulls". Started some time back, but owner is off to college for Naval Architecture and not many updates. There are links on the site to one idea using silicone sealant (which you can also use as glue to attach bumper to bow of boat). Others use the harder rubber flip-flop beach sandles. Still others use extruded styrofoam, and I have seen a photo of an A Class boat with a tennis ball stuck to bow !

Read your class rules - some only require a bow bumper of elastomeric material, while other rules actually specify sizes.

Bow bumper’s as used by an Aussie. The silicone idea is a pain in the ass to use. The “flip-flop” idea works. So does cork sanding blocks.
Over here they can be bought for about $3AUD and are easily cut up. Attach them to the bows with silicone or resin.


I use the RTV silicone. I use a couple pieces of waxed plastic as a form for the sides, then fill the area between with the RTV. you can trim it if you like when cured.
I just used a nice thick bead on the bow of my ODOM, then a fillet on the sides. You don’t need a big thing. US1M rules limit you to a 3/8 inch bumper, so a bead of RTV is OK.

I have just finished the bow bumper for the F100. Simialr method to Greg’s but I used “kneadit” to make the plug bit of sanding for the final shape.Then made a plaster of paris model and filled it with black RTV silcone, looks good. I will be using RTV to stick it on to the hull.

Great help

Ok what is RTV silcone? is this a special type or just a brand name and any idea where you get it?


I use any kind. Usually a color I like. It might help to get one that holds up in water.

I have been quite successful using cut up flip-flop sandals, shaped with a knife and sandpaper, and glued to the bow with contact cement. the soles of flip flops come in various colors, or you can paint them after installation. Simple, cheap, works.