Bournville 17th May 2008

My thanks to all for making me so welcome, wonderful day despite the rain
I have posted some photos on the gallery page of

Cheers Mark Collyer

Mark, I would like to echo your comments ~ Bournville made us very welcome a big thank you to Mike and Bill for organising it.

I take it, Wife willing you will be comming out to play again soon?
Any ideas what type of boat you will be getting?

Do let me know when you have got one and I will issue you with a sail number.

I think you said you are based near Swindon. I’m at Banwell near Weston-super-Mare, so your not far away.

Your dingy experience certainly showed with Gary’s boat. My 507 was not at all to form and after you left i took the helm where you left off and eventually got third place with Gary 2nd and Bill 1st

Thank you very much for your photos, very nice to meet you and look forward to your company again.

(Temporary Footy Sail Registrar)

Andy, I have a Kttiwake, a modified Flatfoot and a couple of my own designs of the build at the moment; The Kittiwake should be ready by next weekend with it’s original rig. The other three Kittiwakes being built at Chippenham should make their appearance over the next month.

Hopefully we can convince the Sailing Club committee to formalise a Model Yacht section within the club and affiliate ourselves to the MYA, we sail on a small very slow running river with great potential and would be happy to host events in the future.

I am trying to convince the others that we should go “mob handed” to Hove, I will certainly go, as it is “going home” for me; apart from being a great venue.

The transition from dinghy sailing wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (apart from remembering which way to steer) and the ability to see the wind pattern over the whole course made life much easier

Cheers Mark


Good to meet you briefly on Saturday - thanks for the photos.

You will have observed that Footy racing is a hotbed of competitiveness with design ideas carefully guarded etc, and the racing conducted a l’outrance!

I managed only 4 pictures (taken by Simon, the OFFICIAL spectator) before my camera batteries died - these are on
and I see that I could not spell when I uploaded them!

Thank you Mike and Bill for organising and also fellow-competitors for making it competitive and FUN.

Now that two Voortrekkers have made it to the water and have been seen by the public it is no longer practical to kill everyone who sees her, so when time permits there will be be details posted on the Forum.


And then Gary sent me these pics of the racing - they are reasonable size so I hope I can post without brain activity

The company was (very) good, the numbers not high, but the racing all about finding the wind and keeping moving.

“Discussion” on the bank was constant and never dull - we can identify all of the boats, but not who is driving them at any given moment!

Sail no Boat name Owner Driver?
45 Micron? Bill Bill
113 Voortrekker Gary Gary?
13 Duck Gary Andy Trewin (probably)
18 RAV-the-Razor Andrew Andrew ?

The day was a lot of fun, anyway and the first time that two Voortrekkers - Angus new design - have been on the same bit of water.

Thanks, everyone

And a few more