Bottle Yachts?

Does anyone have information on the construction of “Bottle Yachts”?
I have found a photo but cannot find any construction articles.

As far as I know Roger Stollery moulds them in Carbon Fibre.
I have seen from time to time mentions of others building bottleboats,but Rogers original is only made by him I belive.
A Bottle footy,theres a good idea,I must admit that I have thought about this before.
Interesting that Peter stollerys “Crazy tube Too” M class is a “cleaned up” version of the Bottle boats.

Roger’s and Peter’s “Crazy Tube Too” boats have been very successful, which was the inspiration for my “Ode To Roger” Footy design. The plug halves are all set for me to make the mold, but too many things have been going on in my life lately. It’s raining this weekend, though, so I won’t get to the pond. Maybe I’ll mix up some glass…

Regardless of my lack of progress on Ode, I’m sure a decent Footy could be built from an appropriate bottle. Now that you mention it, I think it would be fun to build and fun for people to see sailing. Darn it, Ian, you just added another project to my list!!

Bill H

While not having any information of the actual construction details there is an article in 2005 - Issue 4 edition of Acquaint, the MYA newsletter, on the 2005 Championship held by the Waldringford Sailing Club. It was written by Roger Stollery who was PRO. 20 boats with a third of the skippers under eighteen.
The craft appear to be constructed from two plastic drink bottles joined base to base with simple swing rigs.
They are totally different to the “tube” design marblehead class boats campaigned successfully by Peter Stollery.
Rodger would appear to be a good contact for information.

From an article written by Roger,

The ‘Crazy Tube Too’ lines are included here both for comparison with the earlier ones, to illustrate the progress already made and to encourage shapes that look forward into this new millennium. The inspiration for this boat came from the exceptional performance of the ‘BOTTLE’ boat, whose round midsections do not lift the hull out of the water, so maintaining its sailing length at large angles of heel. The ‘Crazy Tube Too’, with just four simple Swing Rigs, is a carbon hull joined a long line of maximum beam that comes out of the mould, virtually complete, as a single unit.

He clearly states that the Crazy Tube M hulls are influenced by his Bottle boat.

Hi Brett

Roger usually chooses his words with exceptional care (smile). What he says is, “inspired”… Apart from circular cross-sections for some of their length and the use of swing rigs, the bottle boat and the ‘Tube’ have nothing in common (grin).

I’ve always privately thought, if by any chance Peter should get to sail a competitive design, he’d be a Marblehead World Champion without much difficulty. In the M Worlds just finished at Fleetwood, Martin Roberts cleaned up sailing his own ‘Starkers’ design on his home waters having been sailing Ms for many years. Second was Ante sailing a borrowed ‘Rok’, having sailed an M event just once in his life a few years ago, and third was Zvonko sailing a borrowed ‘Prime Number’ never having sailed an M event ever, both of them having sailed IOMs at Fleetwood just twice before as far as I know. Fourth (a close fourth, certainly!) was Peter sailing his father’s ‘Krazy Tube’ design on waters he is very familiar with. I watched the last two days of the event. While I rate Ante’s and Zvonko’s achievements as quite remarkable, Peter’s was astonishing…

Inspired and influenced seem pretty close to me.
Looking at the lines of the Crazy Tube (Ive actually drawn the hull lines in CAD) you will see that the back half of the yacht is indeed very Tube like.
In fact all the sections are arcs of a circle with centres on the centreline.

From your post I gather you don’t rate the design of Crazy Tube at all.