Boston Footy regatta?


Would anyone be interested in having a very informal footy regatta at Storrow Lagoon on the Charles River Esplanade in Boston some time this fall?

For anyone who hasn’t been there, the lagoon is a great place to sail, and was literally built for model yachting, is never used for model yaching (hardly), and is in the middle of a major city. In late summer you get the south-west trade wind that blows steady across the charles river basin from one end to the other.The only draw-back is parking.

I had a brain storm the other day, I realised gee…a footy would be realy easy to transport to the lagoon un-like your run of the mill Soling or something.
It would be very easy to park at Newton Riverside and take the sub-way to Copley square and walk a few blocks to the lagoon, or park in one of several nearby garges. Walking is good for you anyway.

So I’ll be there with footy in mid september. (still havn’t picked exact date) More detailed information to come later.

(I ruled out the Christan Science Reflecting pool after talking to the security guy who seemed a little un comfortable with the idea of a competition of some sort on the church grounds. He didn’t mind five or six boats just playing around though. Oh well, on to the lagoon)

Happy sailing!

John, I’ve heard of this pond and the parking problems. With Footies there shouldn’t be that much of an issue with a bit of a walk to the pond. I believe that when I heard about this site many years ago there was a public parking lot several hundred yards from the pond. Is that the case?

By the way, there is no royalty due you for the use of this site is there, or is the name just coincidental?

James Jackson Storrow was my grandfathers cousin. I think he bankrolled the Esplanade back in the day of Mayor Curley. Might have even run against him.

It wasn’t me it was him, I never got any of the money. No royalty due

There is a parking lot near the Hatch shell. Not sure if it’s open to anyone but can fine out

Even if there was no monetary benefit to your grandfather, father, or you, I would think that it is nice to know that you come from a model yachting lineage of sorts. Mine only goes back one generation and we don’t have a model yacht basin to our credit.

I’d be interested! I’ll be in the area at the time – sounds like a good venue! The other place that might be interesting to try would be over on the reflecting pool by the Christian Science Church Center… I’ve walked by that a lot, and there always seems to be breeze!

Hi Barrett - You’ve been out of the loop for a while I guess. John already inquired about the use of the reflecting pool, the results of which are on another post.

Small informal groups of footies at the reflecting pool are fine with them, It seems they just have a concern about some sort of large competition.

I’d be Really happy to bring my footy there and join anyone for a lark. Evenings are good, my weekends are pretty booked

feel free to e-mail me

Happy sailing

Yeah, out of the loop would be a good term for it… I’ve had the proverbial nose to the grindstone with school and some other projects for the past few months… mayhap with summer coming on I’ll be able to get more involved with Footys again. We shall see.

As for sailing some evening John, I may take you up on that some time!

I’ll do my best to get to Storrow Lagoon when you schedule it.

Jim Linville