Boomkin/bowsprit question

Can I have a fairlead for my mainsheet, or jibsheet on the boomkin, bowsprit or mast ? That is to say, outside the measurement box!

A few examples might be:
-a sheet fairlead mounted on my boomkin to control a mizzen or mainsail that extends beyond the hull.
-a jib fairlead mounted on the mast
-a jib fairlead(s) mounted on a bowsprit to control the headsail(s)?

I hope threw in enough red herrings to adequately obfuscate my intentions…


Why else would you have a bumpkin [sic]/ bowsprit.:graduate::devil3::devil3:

To perforate other boats’ sails?:devil3:

Pesce spada!

Well, just about everyone with bowsprits have a jib pivot attached to the bowsprit.
I’m asking about a second fitting on the bowsprit (or mast) to control the jib sheet.

Everyone with bumpkins, have a backstay attachment to the masthead, or mast crane.
I want to run my mainsheet thought a fitting on the bumkin.

Or another way of asking, Does the main sheet loop and jib sheet loop on a 507’s rig have to be below the level of the measurement box?

Or even another way, Would a mainsheet bridge mounted on deck or mainsheet post which the mainsheet passes through, need to be below the level of the measurement box?

It is a consequence of ERS somewhere (try looking up the defnition of Rig) btut a sheeting post does count as part of the hul. You can get round this by using a rope (i.e. twine) bridle to obtain the same effect.

While we are discussing bowsprits, what about a wide flat one to give hydrolic lift to prevent submarining? If it fits in the slot, it should be OK? Right?

How about a collection of photos of Footy’s in the Box showing what is allowed and what is not.

For example, I have seen photos of Bowsprits mounted to the top of the deck with brackets. I assume all this must be below the top plane of the box, but could not tell from photo.

I placed my Razor Bowsprit into the bow to keep it below the top of the box, but it does slope upward above the plane of the box outside the box.

Lots of questions as we still only have 3 boats to look at here in Michigan. Back to reading the rules again.

The reason for this line of questioning was I think I have a cool idea, as instead of thinking in the box, or out of the box, I’m thinking “around” the box.

Instead of worrying about my rig hitting the box, I’m now to the point where I’m worried the control lines will intersect the box, unless I lead them up the mast, out the bowsprit, or bumpkin.

I do recall an early ruling which answered this question for Angus. That a fairlead was allowable out on a boomkin. My take has been that once the bowsprit or boomkin has passed through the appropriate slot below the level of the top of the box then it can go wherever it likes. The top of the box does not extend beyond the box itself in other words.

I agree with Angus that a sheeting post is a part of the hull, as is a wire sheeting loop. Hence the thread and ring bridle on the Kittiwake which is then part of the rig I believe. I suspect that a guide loop mounted on the mast is not a part of the hull.