anyone here ??:xmas: :lol: alls quiet in here ,no one building tris anymore?.

A cure was found a few years back …

a cure? theres no need for a cure mate multis are fast fast fast so get over it!!:slight_smile:

it looks like the forums dying where is everyone?:confused:

For 2007 I’ve decided to back up a few steps and stop being the designated “pitchman” for multi-things.

Between offering both free and for-pay plans, directions and suggestions on building and sailing, alternatives to conventional building, and of course trying to correct all of the mistaken information and untrue “fact” that gets spread about multis only to see very few new boats actually on the water, let alone racing - the desire to bring a multihull class to the mainstream r/c sailing world, even if less populated than some monohull classes is diminishing.

I gladly cast my net out in hopes of finding a new “torch-bearer” and am willing to continue to share what I know. It’s just that I put the drums, horns and marching costumes away until I see true building interest instead of reading/writing interest.

So many willing to write a good game, but so few unwilling to spend time building. This old lizard has been out in the sunshine, lying on the rock long enough. Time for a change and a move back to the cave. :spin:

Dick, to paraphrase Voltaire, I disagree with almost everything you say, but I salute to the end the intelligence, integrity and energy with which you say it. If you do retire beneath the battlements, your contributions will be sorely missed.

I am going to Wisconsin in mid-Maty this year. I know you have already commented on my lack of perception of American distances, but it would be very pleasant to meet you for a beer. PM me.

Depending where in Wisconsin, and of course date - it may be do-able!

Bill Korsgard lives on the outskirts of Madison which is a good 4 hour drive for me via expressway. Milwaukee is an additional hour. Racine is probably the same as is Greenbay/Oshkosh - so feel free to advise your final destination - perhaps a few of us up here in the great, white, north could pull together. Who knows - you might even hit a weekend where some r/c racing is going on. The way winter is going here, mid-May will probably see open waters. (April sometimes gets questionable)

Sent you my work email via PM

Ummm - not sure where you would disagree - here we call it “burn-out”

it seems to me you have a chip on your shoulder mate,so what your saying is if someone doesnt start getting a large comunity of multis up and running your finnished with it?.whats wrong with building your own boats and helping others who are interested in doing the same.i have never raced boats i only build for my own enjoyment sorry if that doesnt meet your aproval.i will continue with my build this spring and will be keeping a record of the build but it looks like i may not be posting it in here as it seems no ones interested or maybe its the attitudes of some that has scared most of them off?.maybe someone should seal the cave up if this is the attitude the so called guru has.:rolleyes:


Have a little charity. I am no particular lover of multis, as you will probably have gathered - but I do have tremedous respect for Dick Lemke. He has been the determined champion of everything to do withe multis for a long time and put tremendous effort into it.

I spend a lot of time trying to make the Footy class successful. Occasionally I manage to design a boat or even build or sail one. Oh that there wee more hours in the day.

Give the man a breal (in every sense). There’s a time when everyone has to take it easy for a bit.

PS I can see Blackpool Tower from here.

lol i dont know him from adam nor do i care what he has or hasnt done all i can say is that i take people as i find them.i understand people can have off days and hope this is the case but ill reserve judgement to be honest.thres lots of interest in multis and i think the more people who get involved in them the better it doesnt help when someone who according to some is the gurru :rolleyes: starts talking like this.ive had nothing but possitive replys on other sites from respected people thats all i can say.sorry if you dont like what i said maybe hes had a bad time lately so ill give him a break no harm meant cant really see blackpool tower?

Ok. And yes I could see Bklackpool Tower from North Wales when I wrote it. Visibility’s got worse since.

thats amazing to think you can see the tower from there next time im up there ill give you a wave lol.:smiley:

I see you are a very recent member of this forum. Dick Lemke has been the premier promoter of rc multihulls in the USA for at least 7 years. No, I don’t think he has any sort of chip on his shoulder whatsoever, but is simply burned out & offering the hope that someone else step forward. He did not say he is “finished with it” as you state, but is simply stepping back & hoping that other(s) take the lead. He clearly stated he is still available to help others on request.

I can totally understand where Dick is coming from, having been in somewhat the same position myself trying to promote interest in rc landyachts/iceboats.
Sometime these efforts sort of feel like one is “pushing a chain”.

Instead of complaining about what others have done or not done, perhaps you should spark some interest by showing us some pictures of what you have done. Quite frankly, I think you owe Dick an apology for your hasty judgement of his intentions without having looked into the history.

Bill K

ps to Dick & Angus:
Dick, I think Angus is talking about going to Sheboygan to visit Graham, in which case it would be shorter for you to head straight east rather than to come thru Madison. I might be tempted to drop up myself with my Footy. However, I would warn you that you might be subjected to a demonstration of the thrills of hard surface sailing…:wink:

i dont think i owe anyone an apology at all just because he or you or whoever cant drum up the interest in multis shouldnt mean any need to make such coments as he sounded like he was sulking to me thats why i said he had a chip etc sertainly doesnt encourage newcomers like me to want to comunicate with him thats for sure why would i want to ask a question of someone who seems fed up to the back teeth with it all?.oh ok if i was harsh im sorry hows that?.by the way if you look at the multi forum you will notice ive been trying to drum up some interest ive even mailed a few guys with not one responce so far!!.maybe i got the wrong end of the stick when i read his post if so i appologise ,wow thats twice lol.

No apology needed - or sought since I can take most “shots” on a non-personal basis.

But I will assume that you are able to take “shots” as easily as you give them? :confused: :wink:

You seem to have answered your original question by your quote noted above, and also have (indirectly) acknowledged my current lack of promotional interest. I excuse the fact you know little or no history of my efforts to promote multihulls in the past.

If you are sending emails to others without response, you are perhaps finding in a short span of time what I have seen over the past 6+ years? I would suggest you continue to send out emails without getting a response for the same period of time and then come back to this forum and not be disappointed in those who “talk” a good game but can’t/won’t spend time building into a completely open development class.

You asked why there was nothing happening on the forum and I answered from my (personal) point of view. If you feel there was a chip on my shoulder in the manner that I answered, that is your interpretation, and frankly I could care less of what you think of me or my response.

You were not part of a closed U.K. multihull group who privately agreed and then publically voiced opposition for a need to “clean up” the multihull rules under which you sail to remove inconsistencies. You were not threatened by legal action for trying to clean up rules and being accused of copyright infringement. You did not sit down and author (or participate) in developing and writing rules for not one, but two multihull classes. Two classes to address the desires of some (would be) builders to have both a small and medium sized boat. The reason for different sizes is easy to see - but have you ever taken the time to sit down read and compare the Mini40 and the Formula48 multihull class rules - or are your posts simply made to keep up a discussion that may have run it’s course?

I can’t hold you up for knowledge of previous multihull discussions, but a search of archives can give you a quick glimpse of past history, issues discussions and ideas. Perhaps take some time and do that - it will be an enlightening process.

Bring forward ideas or suggestions on to how to grow multihull interest. It is easy to simply post “no one building tris anymore” — or — “it looks like the forums dying where is everyone?” yet take a negative position when I tell you “why” I am stepping back as the class cheerleader. If you feel I have acted inappropriately, may I offer you the position as “Head Cheerleader” and I will watch how you promote the classes, encourage new builds, develop/conduct regattas, etc. From my view that should be very easy for you considering the U.K. already has a multihull infrastructure outside of MYA that you can step in to. - Better yet, take on the establishments and show me how quickly or easily you can get the Mini40 class rules amended to remove the inconsistencies that exist. In fact, let me suggest a very easy one - see if you can get them to replace IYRU with the correct IASF in a few reference rules - since IYRU doesn’t exist any longer. Once you change the rules, improve regatta reporting and attendance, and bring forward designs of new multihulls for all of us to see. Write a few articles on methods to build multihulls accompanied by photos - then perhaps I might have some sort of respect for your view points.

With folded arms, I step back with a nod in your direction - if you have ideas, now is the time to step forward and present them. The stage is all yours - I’m looking forward to seeing Act 1. :slight_smile:

bless did i wake you from your cave!!as you allready know i am new to the site and new to multis i read your remarks and was taken aback to be honest.starting up a group or club or class of multis? that doesnt interest me to be honest what does is my boats the ones i want to build etc etc im not a spokesperson nor someone with the slightes interest in organising anything be it a club or anything else.i dont even belong to one never mind want to run however have taken it upon yourself to promote yourself as someone who knows more than most.ive read lots of posts on this site and some are good very informative some are well lets just say very one sided in theire views.maybe what i said to you was personal but to one minuite be welcoming some one and then turn round weeks later and basicaly say ive had enough now your on your own well thats how i saw it anyway is a bit dis heartening for someone who just wants to talk about multis and learn whats possible etc.all this said its obvious no one here is interested in multis and seems lots of those who were have long since left as they dont seem to be here anymore at all?.if i offended you then ill appologise maybe i misenterprated what you said.for now ill be leaving the forum ,when i start the build i may be back and hopefully someone will be interested in one man and his boat,sorry theres not more of us but i cant do anything to change that.:grumpy:

I’m glad to hear that you may have misinterpreted Dick’s response with the above comments. This was pretty inflamatory language directed at a respected member of this forum by someone who hadn’t taken the minimal amount of effort to check out the history. So you shouldn’t have been too surprised when you got a strong response. Now you’re going to “take your toys & go home” which is certainly your choice.

We look forward to seeing you come back & offer something positive by showing us what you’ve created.:wink:

Bill K

ps; Below is a photo of the 1 meter tri I built several years ago. It was a learning lesson in the “scaling effect” & didn’t sail real well, but was a fun project nonetheless. I hope to build a 4 foot (F 48 Class) catamaran based on the Team Phillips concept of twin wingmast unarigs in the future (sorry, Dick, another example of talk with no action…;-)…) Plus a pic of my K-1 rc iceboat next to a DN.

Well after i went back over his and my posts i have to admit i was a little over the top OK a LOT .Im not the type to take my toys home mate to be honest but if no ones either answering mail or posting on the forum its hard to interact and find out things.Also its not much fun either ,im not a designer i dont have the brains to draw plans and such but i can build as i was a full time boat builder for a few years .If Dick is around maybe he will rethink his decision to take a back seat .By the way thanks for the pics of your boat mines on hold till spring as i have too much on right now but i will be building the nightmare VII as i have all the plans printed ready.I will try to remember to take photos of the build as i go.if you still want me to?:roll:

peace offering lol

I’ve looked back as well and can perhaps offer an analogy - it’s like coming into a theatre with five minutes remaining of a good film - and asking loudly to no one in general (perhaps complaining a bit as well) as to the theme of the movie and perhaps why the love interest faded between the male and female stars.

Someone close might whisper to you the basic plot of the film and the fact that of the stars of the film, he/she cheated on him/her. After twenty people do it, and the one person doesn’t respond anymore that person should not be singled out merely because there isn’t a forthcoming answer.

I tried not to “promote myself” as someone who knows more than most, but offer viewpoints based on my experience sailing and racing full size cats from 14 feet to 20 feet in length from 1974 until my limiting illness in 2004. Having served as a class secretary for our International 18 Square Meter Class from 1983 to 1996 gave me the insight to race, see, touch and smell a lot of development class catamarans. Ideas they fostered went on to be included in the “C” Class Championships and many of my sailing and building “connections” also give me insight and allow me (I think) to voice an educated and opinionated view. When someone posts about a wrong epoxy ratio mix for WEST System products - I’m not a chemcial engineer, but I usually am correct in suspecting they pushed the big pump on the resin 4 times too many. Helping them correct that error in some step-by-step suggestions is based on experience (embarrassment) to some extent - but also having the ability to drink beer and talk with Jan and Meade Gougeon about boat design and building. Having been able to see their Formula 40 trimaran was to me, like some who visit their favorite football field, golf course, or even getting a ride on an old 12 Meter. I am no where near as knowledgebale as they are - but try to give back to the community what I have learned as my thanks for someone taking the time to help me.

As I said, I don’t try to “toot my own horn”, but a wealth of building, sailing and racing experience on multihulls - as well as Laser, Force 5, Lightning and even a Swan 45 sure has provided insight. We all learn and hopefully all give back.

And like the above movie example, perhaps you just came in during the last five minutes of the show ! I really will look forward to your building efforts on the Nightmare, and more importantly on how well it sails.


Bill - if we go down that road - I have a partially finsihed landyacht that I wanted to complete too. :rolleyes:

Analogy accepted Dick hehe sorry couldnt resist that one,im sure you know more than i do about these boats i wasnt doubting that whatsoever.i guess we can all get a little tired of things at times and a break is as good as a rest as they say.i will indeed try to post as many pictures of my build when i start .in the meantime enjoy your break and happy sailing!!.