Bob's Boatyard

Does anyone know what happend to Bob’s Boatyard?

I wanted his venom construction video, sent him a money order and it got sent back " return to sender".

No phone or email ,but the web site is still working.

Does anyone have that video? If so would you sell it, or let me make a copy on a disc ? I would pay the frieght and send you your tape back plus a disc if you want.

I would still send Bob his money if I made a copy.

Thanks , Robert

I went to the US1m site and was told that he has closed down for good.
Dont know who will be making Venoms now.
I did find someone willing to sell/ and or let me copy thier construction tape( thanks john) .

Yes - Bob decided to retire and had his business (molds, demo boats, supplies, etc.) up for sale. I never heard if he sold it - and to whom.

Thanks Dick