Boats of the 2010 Rio Grande Cup

A summary of the basic characteristics of the boats that sailed in the Rio Grande Cup is attached. Looks like it’s going to be a while before type forming occurs in this class :slight_smile:



I took some shots of a few of the RG65s raced at the Nats, and here are some of the more interesting views. The first shots are from Steve Bailey’s ABQ65, which is one of Earl’s designs.

These next three shots are of John Fishers Sharming MK8. This was originally an IOM design.

Here are the next group of shots. This boat is Jib Scheibner’s Palo de Agua. Jim was on the race committee, and he loaned the boat to Dick Ball after Dick’s boat suffered a major breakdown on the practice day.

The next boat is Earl Boebert’s ABQ65. Notice the CF tube in the jib luff and all the interesting parts Earl has manufactured.

These two boats are Bill Hagerup’s designs and were based on his Footy’s. The first boat is Bill’s Ranger design, and it used a McRig.

The next set is Jim Linville’s Cobra5 - also designed by Bill.

This last set is of my Little Best, which is a 1/2 size Marblehead.

It was a great event, and I hope that more of you are inspired to come out and play.


Here’s an updated version of the boats summary.

Complete results and more pictures at:

Hope to see you next year!



Congrats for the success of the inaugural national championship and to all those taking part. I was wondering how long it would take to scale up a Mac rig and coming second to a world championship winning design bodes well for its future.