Boat Idenification

Could someone please help identify this boat. It was recently given to me

It has a 14 inch beam, and is 56 inches long from bow, to transom (has a reverse transom to make LOA)


Hi Breakwater,

I cannot think what the hull is. It is is much more beamy that you would expect for a purpose designed sailing model. It is slightly larger and a lot more beamy than an Infinity 54 or Soling 50 but much shorter than Santa Barbara or 10R.

I cannot see any marks on the hull that suggest the type of appendages it should have that may suggest a schooner yet the hull sections lean that way (max beam slightly forward of mis-section)

Perhaps it is a one-off semi-scale model of a fullsized yacht.

It looks like it would carry quite a large sail plan, but would require a lot of balast to set it on its lines. I would guess 1500 to 2000sq inches of sail and 30 lbs displacement.

If it is a moel of full-size yacht, it has a uite unusually V-shaped bow. I guess test model for a pipe-dream full-size boat of, say, 40-45’ loa. Not putting a single penny on it though!

It came from the loft of Doyle sails when they cleaned house and moved to a new location, so potentially it could be a full-size model. I cant think of anything close though.

The person whom I got it from had no idea who built it, what it was, and where it came from, they were just trying to get rid of it.

Thanks for the help thus far. I’d love if someone could point me in a direction.

Other forums are telling me they don’t know what it is, and that I should make a steam vessel out of it. :scared:

I haven’t found out Exactly what it is yet, but have found something very close.

It is rather close to the soling 50 class, and here is the tale of the tape:

Soling 50 Rules:
2.0 HULL:
Length, 50 inches, ± ¼ inch.
Beam, 12 1/8 inches, ± ¼ inch.
Beam at transom, 5 ½ inches, ± 1/16 inch.

LOA: 57 inches
Beam: 14.25 inches
Beam @ Transom 6 inches

Based of of the LOA, that means my boat is .14 % larger than the Soling 50.
Multiplying out the other rules dimensions by 1.14 should match my boat’s dimensions to show that it is a little larger-scale soling.

Beam of 12.125 inches X 1.14 equals 13.822. Which is smaller than my 14.25 beam.

Beam @transom of 5.5 x 1.14 equals 6.27. which is larger than my 6"

So, the dimensions are off on scaling it up .14%, but not by much.

So, it’s not the same as the soling, but very close indeed. I imagine the prototypes would be set up similarly as well.
I have only one shot at finishing it correctly, as it’s the only hull I have, so the closer we can get the better to actually identifying it the better.

I don’t see it as a scale model of a Soling.

The model has too much beam for its length to be a Soling. The full sized Soling has a length to beam ratio of 4.31. Your model has a L/B of 4.0. That’s a big difference.

I looked also at the Yngling and Tempest, but they come at 3.6 and 3.5 L/B ratio. And neither is it a Hobbie 33 nor Tartan 10.

So I think we are still looking.