Boat dimensson

Quick questions to be classed as a footy must the boat a) fit within the box with the bow and stern touching the side of the box and b) oes the deck have to be in line with the top of the box with keel and bulb fitted??:confused:

The boat can fit anywhere in the box. It doesn’t have to touch any part of the box (it can be a loose fit if desired). The deck does not have to be even with the top of the box, as long as it is not above the box.

Thanks allot, I am having some issues with my boat so was wondering if I could shorten it and still be legal.

Bear in mind before you cut, that it is allowed under the present rule, for the boat to fit into the box diagonally, just so long as it’s rig and rudder can move through their full range of travel while the boat is in the box, and the deck does not go beyond the top of the box. This means that it is possible to have a legal boat that is actually more than a foot long.