Board Upgrade- 12:30am, Sept. 29, 2005

I wanted to let you all know that I will be backing up the board and upgrading at about 12:30 am tonight. This upgrade Should only take about 15 minutes. I hope to have an uneventful upgrade.

here is a change list of what is new on the new version.

[li]Product/Plugin system with over 550 ‘hook’ locations strategically placed in the code. Allows modification and extension of vBulletin without physical alteration of the vBulletin PHP scripts.[/li][li]Inline moderation allows multiple threads or posts to be have moderation actions performed without a visit to the admin or moderator control panels[/li][li]Completely rewritten message editor with ability to instantly switch between standard and WYSIWYG modes[/li][li]Thread title editing on forumdisplay via AJAX[/li][li]Thread opening and closing on forumdisplay via AJAX[/li][li]Super-Quick Reply on showthread via AJAX[/li][li]Inline post edit on showthread via AJAX[/li][li]Username suggestion for PM recipients and search by user via AJAX[/li][li]Data manipulation APIs (Data Manager) for centralized data saving[/li][li]Template History & Comparison for easy tracking of changes[/li][li]Database-based thread and forum read marking[/li][li]MySQL Full Text Search[/li][li]Additional Datastore Storage Methods[/li][li]SMTP Mail Wrapper[/li][li]MySQLi Wrapper[/li][li]PHPDoc’d Source Code[/li][li]Moderator log language abstraction[/li][li]Webkit support for style manager color picker[/li][li]ImageMagick 6 Support (alternative to GD)[/li][li]Calendar events support start/end times[/li][li]Custom avatar and profile picture resizing[/li][li]Profile pictures can be saved to filesystem[/li][li]Statistics ordering[/li][li]Each attachment image type can be individually set to generate thumbnails or not[/li][li]Each attachment image type can be individually set to open in a new window or not[/li][li]Moderated posts and threads do not contribute to post count until approved[/li][li]Language chooser in footer[/li][li]New bbcode parser now corrects invalid tag nesting to ensure valid HTML[/li][li]New [attach] bbcode tag for placing attachments inline with messages[/li][li]New [noparse] bbcode tag for disabling bbcode parsing within[/li][li]Word wrap excludes contents of PHP/CODE/HTML blocks[/li][li]Search engine spider configuration via XML file[/li][li]New ‘Can View Thread Content’ permission[/li][li]New ‘Can Upload Animated GIF’ permission[/li][li]Attachment upload via URL in addition to local upload[/li][li]New (hopefully foolproof) method for setting cookiepath/cookiedomain[/li][li]Forum description field no longer limited to 250 characters[/li][li]Completely rewritten Paid Subscriptions system - now known as Payment APIs. New support for 2checkout, Worldpay and[/li][li]‘Always Moderate Group Posts’ permission replaced with more logical ‘Follow Forum Moderation Rules’ permission[/li][li]Threads containing posts awaiting moderation have indicator icon on forumdisplay for moderators[/li][li]Right-to-left language support improved[/li][li]Additional ‘Execute SQL’ auto-queries added[/li][li]Image verification for sendmessage to avoid spam issues[/li][li]Improved registration image verification to out-fox those pesky bots[/li][li]Control panel navigation controlled by XML for easier addition of links[/li][li]Upgrade system now imports styles/languages/options only after upgrade complete rather than after each script[/li][li]Ability to preview signature edits[/li][li]Calendar event email reminders[/li][li]And of course, numerous bugs and annoyances resolved. [/li][/ul]

nice, nice, nice!!

A lot of upgrades I really was looking for!


Wis are you able to post??

Spell Check is now in the top right corner of the edit page… Should be able to post now.

check check check

Seems to move a lot faster now too.

testing tests

Added the ability to download an entire thread. This new feature is found in the thread tools.