BMW Physics of Sailing

Wis noticed my post at WindPower and asked that it be shared here…

Physics of Sailing


The Other Matt

Thanks for sharing Matt…That was a nice link I will be showing the kids. Quiz to follow…[:-propeller]
And they thought school was out for the summer.

Seawind #80

Tanks a lot Matt…


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

That is an excellent site for beginers Matt
I think it is a great for people to post sites like that one, it is a very smart idea

Something Is Nothing and Nothing Is Something!

Certainly a pretty site. But one or things have got lost in translation, and there is a bit of clunker in the “Shear Force, Water and Lateral Plan” topic. It says that “crabbing” or leeway is undesirable, but that is a bit like saying putting twist into the sail is undesirable. In fact not only is it highly desirable, it is essential. Simply put, if there is no leeway, there is no sailing. (OK, if you have fore and aft twin rudders with collective, or a gybing keel, you can dial out leeway, but we’re talking “conventional” here.)

Lester Gilbert