Bmw Oracle Race 90 trimaran plans

Hello all

Any one knows where to find or purcase the Bmw Oracle Race 90 trimaran plans.

Thx in advance

I just made a request of the sketches through the official website of the BMW Oracle race.


WATER RESIST plans from France is very “close” - but not exact. If built using Jean Margail’s suggested foam building method, you can modify the bows of the main and floats to “resemble” the BMWO boat. For most other items you can always work from photographs. For specific questions email Magnus Clarke (Canada) who was the “night babysitter” for the “WING”.


Dick Lemke
thx for your fast reply
I downloaded the water resist version 2 plans from the website , they are free :slight_smile:
I will try the Jean Margails foam building method.

Actually the 33rd AC allready belongs to the past,
but the 34th America´s Cup is ahead!
Why not be part of the future?

Check this out:,82,1,en,f.html

Read more:

Past, Presence & Future:

There you go:

Building sequences of the first 34th AC - 45 ft. trainings- catamaran:
and more:
Warkworth 1st stage:
Warkworth 2nd stage:

For some reason I was unable to find stage 3 at youtube -…-

Warkworth 4th stage:

First sailtrials tv-coverage:

Now if this makes your blood boiling -
TALK to me!