Blue Splash Hits the Water!

A newly completed Blue Splash take a maiden voyage today…

Looks good, very well done…have you built it from scratch? Good to see that finally SOMEONE builds this well sailing boat (except me, of course :wink: )…I am sailing BlueSplashs since almost 4 years now and still like the boat…good allrounder, can always manage to get away with good results from the races I participate in…



I’ve got one on the bench right now, just started planking. I’m gonna use the hull as a male plug and lay up a hull and pop it off. Planking at this point is about 1/3rd done. Maybe by the end of today it will be all the way done. I like the look of the hull, looks fast. What did you use to make the sails? Your boat is beautiful, I hope mine turns out the same way!

Thanks! I made the sails from 1.4 mil Mylar. Good luck with your build…This one pictured is a all fiberglass and carbon boat.


where did you get the mylar? Have you ever used floral wrap from a place like Michaels? I’m asking because I’m having a great deal of difficulty with rg65 size sails.

I have used mylar from mcmaster and then sanded or scotchbrighted it to make it more visible. I have a book mark for someone else who sells mylar, will have to check at home. I do have white 2 mil and 3 mil to sell if you need some of the thicker material.

I have a large supply of all weights as I make sails as part of my business. 2 and 3 mil will be too thick and heavy for RG-65 sails. You need 1mil or 1.4 mil for good shape.



Who is your supplier? Or what brand is the material? Especially for the 1.4 mil!

I’ve been calling suppliers on my free time, and 1.4 mil has been difficult to obtain. Maybe I’m just not calling the right wholesalers.

I had to buy several rolls…Unfortunately I do not sell my stock.


Here is a source.


has anybody used the floral wrap? It’s readily available, and it’s mylar, if I’m not mistaken.

I used it some years ago on Footy sails. Took the boat to the florist and explained what I wanted to do…they thought it was neat so gave me the stuff free. Nice folks. It worked fine, but was transparent so hard to see sail orientation…recommend getting a color if you can.


If you get clear mylar, a quick sanding with 600 grit or scotchbright will help add some texture to make reading the sails easier.

Use an indelible marker to add some horizontal stripes. It will help to see the curves and which side the sail is filled on.

Hi Neil
Any chance you will be coming to the RG NCR in Reston VA in August? The more the merrier. Google maps puts it at about 250 miles right down 95 from Brooklyn.

my blue splash is all planked, put a coat of blck on it to see imperfections, looks good, so glassing will commence tonight!

1st coat of glass is on, 5 0z, was gonna lay up two layers, but the resin started to kick. I’m gonna wait a few hours, and on goes the second! The hull looks pretty cool, hope she sails as good as she looks!

maybe just me, but 10 oz. of fabric seems a bit overbuilt. After all, you are keeping the water out - not standing on it (I hope). If you give the hull a second resin coat to fill pin-holes, the deck and internal bulkhead structure should maintain the hull shape and save weight of added cloth and resin. Keep building light until it breaks, and then you will know. Even my F-48 and MultiONE hulls only used 2 layers of 4 oz.

I hope that was .5 oz cloth. That is plenty. I recently did a hull with 2 oz to have more to sand away. Hull still came out at 3.5 oz, so not too bad for weight.

no, it was 5, bondo brand. ive got plenty of .5 though, yall think 2 layers of that will be enough? i’m pretty new to this fiberglass thing.