Hi all

Can anyone clarify the block situation for me. As far as I know we have 3 manufacturers, Pekabe,Hales and KDH. Pekabe is “out of stock” everywhere on the web. Hales seem to only make 3 blocks(no becket or provision for becket) and I’ve read a couple of negative posts about KDH. In desperation I have ordered some KDH and will report on them when they arrive. Does anyone know if this is a temporary shortage? I would have thought that “supply and demand” would have kicked in by now. Does anyone know any gossip? If you search the net everything points to Midwest.( I sure wish people would take down old crap on the net, if this keeps up it will become next to useless).
Can you sense a little frustration?


Have you looked at ?

The price seems right and the blocks are supposed to have ball bearing sheaves.

Thanks Dave
They look nice. Has anyone used these with success? Dick, are you there. You have some knowledge of this guy,don’t you.

Hi Don -

The samples he provided looked really good, but sidewalls aren’t as robust as Pekabe. The pulley fits better and not much chance to get an override with sheet jam between the cheek. They are stainless sides, with plastic/delrin (???) balls. Mine were the small series for an RG65 - and it was a plan that I would market. That was November, but by January he had gone back to the guy who originally had not paid for the inventory, ( and Dean (Derusha) is only dealing direct with OEM builders who furnish as part of their build (or kit). After trying, the door was “kind of shut” - so I haven’t pursued - but rattle his cage and tell him it was back in November when he and I met to discuss marketing - and still nothing public.

Harder than hell to get a hold of him - and he seems to have a new email address every day. Try this phone number - not sure if cell, home or ??? (989) 488-2862 or maybe this email address - again, he is/was terrible about checking his mail.

Best I can do for you. My original hope was that I could offer quote, order form and let him collect orders, ship and bill. Was willing to do for free - but … well. Good luck and I will update posts on all forums if his last plan is working out.


Photo is of the Harken to left (inside plastic bag) and a Pekabe to the right.

The Pekabe Blocks are on the E-bay web site, go to their home page and search for “pekabe”, this is Greg Worth’s wife Diane selling under a Marblrhead store on ebay. I have used it with good success.

But what’s up with Greg Worth? Is he closing shop, taking a sabbatical? Even the eBay store has limited selection, as some people are still trying to find some of the other stuff he used to make.

Greg is still in business as Worth Marine, but I have been told that he is studying Architecture in college so he does not have too much time for his business.