Black magic 1995

This probably will be the last to be published Plan in this category of the America Cup.

The original drawings started 1996, after the issue of some models magazines in France, and all the nights watching America Cup in TV at 1.30 in the night !!! very good “old times”.

Today the plan I drawn myself, is adapted to the AC120 Class within the respect of the Rules.

Hope some one will be pleased !



Frames scale 1:1 will come later.


The fascination of olds dreams .-
Thanks Claudio

You been saving the best for last Claudio :slight_smile: certainly different form to my NZL-32, can’t wait for the frames to add this to my TNZ fleet.

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Revised design for Black Magic.

Features : DSPL 4500g with little ballast and can go up to 4770g as designed and maintaining the water lines.
Low PC at 4500g for better performances with low wind. Lower Wet area and reduced draft.
Dual COA showing range of displacement.
Ballast can be adjusted as fonction of weather conditions.


The Black Magic PDF File for AC120 Class !

Frame in scale 1:1 directly printables

To fullfil the Rules I will make my own 18mm plywood tank that will serve also for other models as M class and Jclass.
Front side will be a 6mm glass and the back side will be plywood white painted


This is what I can think about a Servo Arm installation, similar to what already proposed for the NZL-20 :