Black Fiberglass- looks like Carbon

Don’t know if everyon’e seen this quite yet, It’s pretty cool.

Good for applications where carbon isn’t necessary, just looking for the “cosmetic appeal”

Black fiberglass died, and woven to look similar to Carbon Fiber. They also have aluminized fiberglass, which would look cool in it’s own.
I though I’d share it, As I am ordering some for a boat being built.

May want to call and ask what the black cloth weight is. I see where the aluminum colored stuff is 8.6 oz. sq. yard which is pretty heavy for our little boats, especially if two or more layers are used.

Only a suggestion.

Good call.

They said it comes in 12.4oz.

It is a very nice look. Black glass cloth, Black basalt cloth, or graphite powder in sauce (personal method).:smiley:

To keep buget down, and keep things legal in certain classes, I use glass cloth. Graphite powder is mixed into the resin, and the resulting lay-up is harder, and has the black, “Carbon” look to it. :zbeer:

No sample photos available, but “cheap” is often the name of my game - try black reclaimed toner powder from copier or laser that collects unused toners after the printed page is heat set. Can often get from businesses for free since they don’t have to recycle it. Also can use colored laser toner powder if some “funky” looking colors… blue, red and yellow. Mix in with resin - a little for color or a lot to thicke the resin.

Careful - drop it on carpet or get it on your shoes and you’ll have a SHORT expected lifespan from wife or significant other.