Birkenhead Race report and photos

Just a short note to thank Charles Smith for his efforts on the race report.
Photos are by myself.


Just a few more photos to add :-

  1. Most of the Birkenhead crew - thanks a lot guys.
  2. Servicing the inner man - Sunday’s soup was a godsend.
  3. Saturday evening - dried out outside, now to wet the inside.
  4. The Pit Box.
  5. One of the calmer moments - guess which way the course was set ?
  6. The shape of things to come ?
  7. Gary divulging secrets.
  8. The man himself receiving his well deserved 1st prize.



Very nice report and photos. Thanks.

Does anyone know what type of hull and rig each skipper used? I can figure out some but not all.

For any one interested attached are details of all participants boats, weights rig types and some other notes.

Thanks to Charles for providing the scales and collating the information


Perhaps we could start a trend here and keep updating this boat details chart.

Mistralette is balsa planked with 2 x 3 ply fin and rudder.

The rigs used by Gary, Bill and myself are more correctly called McCormack rigs. They are Una in that there is only one piece of sail material but I think the Una name is normally given to the single sail with a forward mast as used by the Lazers. The significant feature of the McCormack rig is the unique twisting “Z” piece mast support which facilitates the dumping of excess pressure in gust. I think Angus’ Akela 2 sails are true Una style.



Thanks for the report and photos Charles and Andy. I so enjoy reading about these (now) distant events. After a wonderful week of weather (at least at Wimbledon) it seems that our Brit weather decided to give our visitors a treat! That does look like a wonderful and well established club and venue.


As UK Footy registrar, I would be willing to expand the database to include what ever data members thought might be useful and data that members would be willing to divulge!

Once a general concensus had been agreed, I could then design a form that I would send out as a one off posting to existing UK registrations (please do not think I will nag you for this information - its up to you to provide it of your own free will)

I would of course from then on ask the information of all new registrations.

Disclosure rules do mean that I have limitations as to what I can subsequantly release, i.e. no personal data like addresses and phone numbers or information on minors without consent but once this information had been collated various charts etc could be produced that members I’m sure would find useful

I will however state here and now that I am not prepared to be the UK Footy race officer keeping a tally of all races that everyone had entered and their positions throuout the year.

My existing honarary position is quite sufficient thank you

Best wishes