big RC boat

what would you guys guess is the biggest possible size for a radio controlled boat. This boat would be allowed to use linked sailwinches to control large sails (and rudder if neccasary).

We are playing around with numbers on a 10’+ hull and 14’ mast that ought to be able to give the Sunfish sailors fits. I am sure that they can go larger.[:D]

There used to be a 3m Multihull page (offline since at least a year).
It seemed to be in a pretty far planning stage.

This thread might be of interest too:

LOA 2.4m
mast 3.3m



I have built a few big boats. Right now I am building a 76 inch Americas cup. I bought the hull from a guy in Michigan called Dean Derusha, but I have’nt heard from him in a while. Anyway, I believe you can build any size. There is a guy in the AMYA supply list called George Rubieiro Yacht’s. He offers a 79 inch boat called the Wheeler, very nice. If you search in the internet in Australia and New Zealand under RC Sailboat’s, you will find many large boat builders. Hope this information helps!


Riardo W. Pounds