Big Model Yacht

Thought I would show you all why I haven’t been building models recently.
She’s a 59 year old dragon, pitch pine on oak hull. I’ve tidied up the deck, put a new rudder on her, put in 7 new frames as replacements or sisters, replaced a rotted section of garboard plank, and re-fastend and re stopped in red lead putty. Then re-rigged her with a modern second hand rig and a boatload of second hand (but barely used) fittings.

She’s now in the water, hopefully taken up and no longer leaking, and I’m gonna spend the next week racing her!

Congrats, true wooden boats are def. a labor of love.

Well done Matthew, the Dragon is still one of the nicest looking day sailers out there.
You are a brave man taking on such a labour of love.
Enjoy your rewards.
I have been following the Dragon European Champs on currently.
This will link to some photos.