Big Boat Owners

After reviewing some big boat classifieds, it amazes me how fickle big boat owners are. I’m speaking purely in a racing sense. Right now there are no less than 5 TP52’s for sale around the world, the class isn’t that old, in fact I consider it to still be in it’s infancy (maybe not a good sign for the class). Genuine Risk and Maximus are also up for sale, I know they can’t be anymore than 5 years old. You would think it would take a season or two just to get the boat tuned correctly. Genuine Risk and Maximus, are still at the cutting edge of yacht design and construction, I don’t understand what would force the owner to sell so soon. Any thoughts? I know the mindset is a little different when you can afford to have a custom designed 90’ carbon fiber boat built one off for yourself and when it isn’t performing up to par just toss it, but this is crazy.

Maximus has been for sale since she was launched. I don’t think it has anything to do with losing a couple of masts along the way. If somebody came along with the right offer, the owners would be happy to free up their capital, Until then, they’ll be happy to get the best out of the boat. She is only 2 years old.

Although I can’t say I know (co-owner) Charles St Clair Brown, I have had the pleasure of crewing aboard his previous boat (a 62 footer) - one which he owned for many many years. I certainly don’t think of him as a fickle owner.

Genuine Risk has had a bit of a troubled history, but I don’t know the detail.

The reality is that pretty much any of these large and very expensive boats are for sale - but not always seriously.

Interesting, never thought of it that way. As for the TP52 class, I thought the premice was to have a “cheaper” mor affordable class, along with the conveniences of shipping a smaller boat around the world. I guess it all makes sense when you put it in that light. Thanks alot.

Not sure since the TP52 is about three light-years out of my discretionary disposable income range - but thought it started out as “owner/driver” rule. I could balone can’t buy a first place finish - it takes talent too !

Hmmmm - how strange that we have similar propensity in boats under 6 feet in length too ! :cool:


I think that’s it. Like in the custom car world, you’d wonder why someone who spent years working on a hot rod in their garage would have it immediately for sale. Cause there might be someone out there who just has to have it, pay a fortune, thus funding the next build (and $ome change) . And the cycle continues…

Off the subject (my biggest compliment to date): Sailing my 50" ketch pre PH-Mac race, Black River, last year. The owner of a TP52 said in passing, “thats the coolest thing I’ve seen here”. I could have/should have said the same of his boat.