Best wheels?

I have a stealth 2 land yacht. I don’t use it as much as I’d like as I am having difficulty finding a good sailing site.
I noticed that alot of you use rollerblade wheels, whereas mine has model aircraft wheels, so I have soft and light wheels rather than hard but heavier. Does anyone know how the two types compare?

not a land sailor, but with the lower weight softer wheels your acceleration is faster but you have less momentum. the heavier wheel will take more to get rolling and keep rolling but once moving you’ll have a lot of momentum to carry you though the turns and any shifts. plus the heavier wheel will act like ballast and keep you level…

Hi Marc, I was thinking along the same lines myself. The other factor that may affect things is the difference in rolling resistance between the hard and soft tyre material.
All good in theory but has anyone had experience of the two types or do I need to do some experimenting myself?

Just read the thread ‘Landyacht Wheels’ and got pretty much all the information I need there.

Unfortunately, Bill Korsgard who was into landsailing (and had visited Speed Week out in the desert) has passed away, leaving a big void in knowledge and experience. I am using “scooter” wheels, and while heavier, they do have a tendency to slip out during heavy gusts due to the rubber/polymer being hard. As noted, you probably have found answers to your questions, but do a Google Search and you will find an r/c group with lots of ongoing technical resources. Tony Johnson in Minneapolis has knowledge r/c iceboats (as did Bill) and I think the name of Robert Webber (spelling??) is also associated with the landyachts. Good luck “hunting”.