Best value for money 5-8 Channel Tx & Rx

hi all
just wondering what everybody thought the best value for money 5-8 channel rc kit is?

That’s really easy. I’ve recently purchased a 2.4 ghz transmitter and reciever and have had excellent results with my IOM. Ended up around $50.00 US to get it here to Australia.

Hi Rob
I only hear good thing about the HobbyKing 2.4ghz systems also - BUT - I would like to put in a word for the Spektrum DX5e systems ( they are 2.4 ghz ) for the following
reasons . 1) well , ok they will cost a bit more , here in the US local hobby shops will sell them for $90. (includes RX and bind plug ) but they will run a whole afternoon on
only 4 AA batteries , not 8 like the HobbyKing . 2) the company behind this product is un-real , I had a problem with mine -long out of warrenty - and they just sent me a
whole new unit . their customer service ROCKS 3) it has this hi-low rate toggle switch in upper right corner , so for RC sailing most people use “mode 2” model which means
your right thumb is the boats rudder,“Hi Rate” is 100% travel , “Low Rate” is 50% travel . pre-race leave the toggle on “hi” for quick turns and control and after you start
set the toggle to “low” so on those upwind legs you are not over steering by using too much rudder - keeps your wake straight and you fast !

Chicago , USA