belt drive for sheeting

In an email, Rob Guyatt sent this link to photos of his belt drive system.

It replaces the traditional traveler loop with a cogged belt. I guess the idea is, you would never toss a loop.

He also has some great racing photos up.

Best, Michael

with a system like that you could probably also make a boat that has a more than 100% jib like a real boat couldn’t you…attach another line the other side of the pully. one side would be tight the other loose then when you tack it switches…of course I know this wouldn’t work downwind because of my experience on full sized boats, but for the people like doug this might be a way to get some more sail area on the upwind and then use the spin downwind…JUST LIKE THE REAL BOATS. just an idea.


Mike, thanks for posting that info!
Dave, on my spinnaker boats it seems better to go with a non-overlapping jib to reduce interference with the spinnaker dead downwind and to allow for a double slot on reaches-not to mention the simpler installation. Also, the bigger jib would require a larger servo on both boats.
In my experiments with asymetrical spinnakers and genoas it seemed important to devise a way of inducing slack in the windward sheet: that requires, at a minimum, a special winch drum or other design that does the job. Otherwise, the sail won’t set properly…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing