below deck surgery

Around the old shop these days technology is just entirely too much fun… so when I had to make a repair on a customers boat I was prepared for doing the baboon reach waaaaaaaaaay up from the hatch to under the foredeck when an idea occurred to me. I went and got my crazy little camera that I bought on Ebay for $60 (wireless color camera less than 1 cubic inch) and pushed it in first… just like a surgeon doing work in where he can’t see.

Well… even with a great amount of ambient light it was not sufficient to get an image on the TV, so I put my mini-mag lite up there and VOILA! I threaded the block eye and was out in less time than it took to hook up the camera.

What a world we live in! I was having so much fun with the thing that I went to Radio Shack and found a converter that allows me to plug in the receiver to my Sony Digital camera and use it as a VCR so now I can make DIGITAL recordings from the little camera when it is mounted on the boat.[:-bigeyes2]

hey larry great idea.
this is one of the reasons i am staying here, larry has come up with a great idea , and it will work
good work
long live the cup and cris dickson